Torremaggiore and its festivals

Come to Torremaggiore in Italy and join us

Our town: Torremaggiore

In our town there are 20 000 people. It's a small town but there are a lot of historic monuments like the castle where there was a king a lot of years ago . It's very big and now in it there's a library and a museum. You can visit it. You can walk in the park. There are a lot of shops like a bookshop, clothes shops, toy shops, shoe shops, ...there's a cinema but now it's closed. It's beautiful and quiet. There are some very important religious festivals like Virgin Mary's festival or San Sabino's festival. There's a historic parade too. This festival is in June or in July. There are a lot of people who want to play a part in it. There are archers, musicians and flagwavers. People wear historic clothes. They walk around the town. The King and the Queen usually ride horses and there are other animals like eagles. The King rappresents Federik II,holy Roman Emperor.

Our patron's festival: St. Sabino

S.Sabino festival’s very important for Torremagiore because this saint is a patron of my town. This religious celeration is very old . Every year it is on the first Sunday of june . Ther are many stalls where you can find everything.On in this day the procession is very long and boring,but the next day there are many firewors in the streets of the town. On the principal street there are many ligths of all colours.You can look a show of ligths and music. You can also eat a traditional italian street food .This is better and healtier. This festival lasts three days and on the last day there are folk singers and the last big firework display.

Some photos of St. Sabino's festival

Our Lady's Festival

We celebrate this festival during Easter holidays. As St. Sabino's festival there is a very long and boring procession and there are a lot of fireworks. In Matteotti avenue there are a lot of lights of all colours. This festival lasts three days and there are folk singers and the last big fireworks display.