Enfield Elementary School

Weekly Bulletin

September 19-23, 2016

This week's activities:

9/20- School Board Meeting (7PM @ the HS)

9/21- EEHSP Meeting (6:30PM @ Erndenheim Gymnasium)

9/22- Fire drill! (9:30 AM)

9/23- Staff Monthly Snack day!


Important Upcoming Dates:

9/28- Faculty Meeting to discuss PLCs (library)


10/8- Spartan Fest (3-7PM) &

Harlem Wizards show (6:30-8:30PM) @ the High School


10/14- Susan G. Komen Walk-a-Thon (9-10:45AM on Paper Mill Rd.)

10/31- Early Dismissal/Teacher In-service day & Halloween Parade/parties


  • I am aware that some of the previously listed faculty/PLC meeting dates are problematic. I am working on revising these dates and syncing with the calendar. Stay tuned for more information and I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Bear with me, as I try to correct some things. I truly appreciate your support and cooperation during this time.

  • Grade-level Extra Recess- An extra recess is certainly important for our K&1 students. That being said, the time should range from 15-20 minutes total- lining up, out the door, and returning to class. It has been my observation that some teachers have their students outside for 30 and then with transport, 40-45 minutes is being subtracted from the day. This is a serious loss of instructional time. Please re-adjust your daily schedules to address this concern.