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Locust Grove Elementary

October 2016

Music News by Tim Springer

Welcome to another year of music making. I'm often asked, "What do elementary kids learn in music class?" Every lesson focuses on one or more of the elements of music: melody, rhythm, tempo, dynamics harmony, form and timbre. Kindergarten and first grade students focus on things such as high and low pitch, steady beat, fast and slow, loud and soft, same and different and exploring the voice. Each year students go into a little more depth. learn additional notes, symbols, forms and styles. All grade levels use American folk music as the core of their song repertoire so they come to know a little of our music history. In addition, fourth and fifth grade students learn about Appalachian folk music, Colonial American music and West African music. By the end of fifth grade, students understand that music is a form of personal expression and communication. My overall mission is to help students:

* Develop a life-long love and appreciation of music

* Become musically literate through singing, playing, reading and writing

* Reach their potential for performing and creating music

Looking forward to another great year!

Drama News by Sherri Eldridge

Welcome back lions! It is so exciting this year to see how much the returning students remember about performing! We have some new lions that have terrific drama skills as well. I have been reminding students that our big goal in drama is to help them develop speaking skills because many leaders in our community and world need to be able to speak in front of groups. In our first unit, my older classes are performing game show skits, and my younger classes are doing puppet shows. We're off to a terrific start!

If you have any concerns or questions, please email me at:

Physical Education by Clint Bennett

Welcome back Locust Grove Families!

I hope you all are as excited about the new school year as I 'am. This year 2nd-5th grade will be on 8 day rotations, 3rd grade will also rotate through Library. I'm pleased to say we've had a tremendous start to the year I'm very impressed with the students willingness to work hard each day.

Our first unit of study is Sportsmanship and teamwork, this is one of my favorite units because it focuses on shaping young athletes into good citizens. In PE we focus on the process over the product, students are all blessed with certain talents some are stronger in one area or another than others but all are capable of being good citizens and having good sportsmanship.

Parents, as the weather gets colder I would encourage you all to write your child's first and last name on hoodies, jackets, and coats. Many students wear them into PE take them off and never return to get them. I've seen plenty of Under Amour, North Face, and Nike gear get donated because no one claims it and we don't know who it belongs to.

I hope everyone has a great year, please feel free email me if you ever have any questions.

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!

The Art Room! by Makenzi Hunter

Hi Locust Grove Families!

I am so thankful that I've been given the opportunity to be your Art teacher this year! Each one of you have been so welcoming to me. I've enjoyed getting to know our students better throughout the first few weeks of school and I am impressed by their level of excitement and creativity in the Art room.

We have celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep 15- Oct 15) in the Art room by creating a Mexican Poncho (K), Panama Mola (1st), Mexican Vihuela (2nd), Sombrero (3rd), Mexican Sun (4th) and Ojo de Dios (5th). We've had many wonderful conversations about creating art inspired by another culture and the importance it holds in helping us understand our differences.

Students have completed their Art to Remember projects (similar to Square One) and will be bringing home an order form following fall break. The orders will be due on November 11th.

Art Club will be happening again this year but in a slightly different format. Students will sign up for a 4 week session in which they will learn about and create one type of art. You will need to sign your student up online (click below) and unfortunately when the sign up is full we cannot accept anymore students. I hope to meet the needs of as many students as possible!

Art Club opportunities:

4th & 5th Grade: Bookmaking or Paper Embossing

2nd & 3rd Grade: Pillow Making or Dream Catcher

K & 1st Grade: Shrinky Dink or Papermaking

Lastly, I have created an Instagram account so that you can stay up to date with what's happening in the Art room! Follow us @LocustGroveArt to see what your student is learning.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!