Wylie ISD Elementary Libraries

2018-2019 Report for Para-Professional Campuses

Student Population

Number of Students:

Akin Elementary 480

Birmingham Elementary 542

Cox Elementary 675

Dodd Elementary 579

Groves Elementary 587

Hartman Elementary 555

Smith Elementary 514

Tibbals Elementary 658

Watkins Elementary 662

Whitt Elementary 670

Total: 5922

Groves Elementary

Charleen Bach

Paraprofessional Library Specialist

Congratulations to Ms. Bach for being recognized at Groves Elementary Paraprofessional of the Year!

”A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.” Katrina Mayer

Ms. Bach is so grateful to the parents and students who helped pull of a very successful Book Fair this year. Student success depends on literacy, and children need every opportunity to have more books at home and at school!

In January, 58 students celebrated the Bluebonnet Breakfast. These students read 5 Bluebonnet Nominee books and voted for their favorite. They were so excited to see that their favorite also won the Bluebonnet award!

Circulation: 20473

Total Collection: 11209