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Dear JK Parents,

I’m truly enjoying getting to know the JK students in the science room. They are bright, inquisitive and full of energy. We’ve been going outside and using our magnifying glasses. We conducted bubble experiments. We made giant bubbles using straws, string and the best bubble solution (1 part Dawn, 1 part corn syrup and 4 parts water). We made bubble prints on paper using a drop of paint in soapy water. The children squealed as we squirted baking soda with vinegar and the coffee filter bubbled.

We just started learning about leaves. Again, we went outside and observed the trees changing color and dropping leaves. We sorted paper leaves by their color, shape and size. We painted a tree cutout and added falling leaves in the background. These are hanging near the JK classroom.

I’m looking forward to a year of continued excitement and enthusiasm.

Carpe Diem!

Diana Matthews

Elementary Science Educator