School Makes Team Sports Mandatory

In order to provide equal opportunity

In order to provide equal opportunities for all students attending John High School, all students are now required to play team sports in order to stop self discrimination. The principle told the media, "Each year thousands of students are the victims of self discrimination; our students don't see the true potential that they probably have. Because of this, many of our students don't play sports even if they could." The school states that with the new measures in place no student will ever again miss the opportunity to do something they may have wanted to do.
Plans are already being made to equip the school's disabled students with state of the art cybernetic enhancements so that they too can play. John High School's sister schools, Jacob High School, and Jingleheimer Schmidt High School, are making plans to implement the similar changes into their curriculum. All three schools are standing firm on the decision that it is a school's responsibility to protect it's student's self esteem form the harsh words of their own self-conscious.
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