2nd Industrial Revolution Project

Ashley Casey

The rich people like Andrew Carnegie had a easy and great life like everyone wished for back then. Many of the rich people got higher paying jobs and also could run there own businesses.The poor people on the other hand had it hard. Poorer people could make children work for free labor in dangerous working conditions. The poor worked long hours with low pay.Poor people had to work for 14-15 hours a day. The poor and riches working conditions are very different.
For the rich such as John D Rockefeller and a few others got to live in the good life in a big huge mansions. Many could have possibly more than two homes in the city then. They were called the captains of industry. They had no worries about anything or how they would get by day after day. The poor people on the other hand had to work most of the days in poor and dangerous working conditions. Poor people also had very bad living conditions. The poor would normally have no windows at all and its very cramped.
poor kids had a very different type of life than the rich kids. Richer you were the better life you lived and you didn't have to work 14-16 hours. The poor kids on the other hand had to work in filthy working conditions. poor kids had no free time like the rich one did. The rich kids had more freedom then the poor and didn't have to worry about getting food or anything. the poor kids had to worry when there next meal would be.
Back then the rich had a lot more stuff then the poor did. The rich could go to museums and go riding bikes and plenty of more things. poor kids did have as much as the rich then because they was always working and only off on sunday. The rich had baseball games they could go to where the poor did not . Rich could also go to the opera. This shows that the rich had a easier life than the poor.