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Truett Wilson Middle School

Google Drive

Sign into Google, Google Drive, Shared With Me, Subject Folder

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In Google Drive under the "Shared with Me" tab you will find your subject there you will see folders created for each of your RTI students. You will document how you are helping fill the gaps for these particular students. See how to fill out each box below.
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Update of Google Drive Documentation Due

Calendar invites will be sent to share when RTI documentation needs to be updated.

October 16

November 6

December 4

January 8

January 29

February 19

March 11

April 15

May 20


Students have already created their ePortfolio during Techno Boot Camp. Students should also should have created a file in their ePortfolio titled "Wildcat Progress." This is where students will be uploading work that shows progress toward their classroom goals. The video below is to help students to remember how to access and customize their ePortfolio.
Final ePortfolio 2

Heather Baker - Campus Literacy Support