Teenagers Using and abusing drugs

Warning: happening all along the East Coast

The Beginning

Drugs are terrible things that can and will continue to make teen's lives a horrible one. Drugs can effect a teen in various amounts of ways, and one of the most commonly found ways is drugs destroy the relationship between the teen and his or her's family and friends. Drugs will not only change or have an effect on the teen but can lead the other people around them have a depressed, worried, and overall terrible life. Like said before parents are one of the groups that are effected by the teen child who is doing drugs and it can really hurt the parents a lot and speaking with my perspective no teen ever really wants to hurt his or her own parents and destroy the entire family. How most teens get involved in doing drugs is either from peer pressure or depression and both of those factors have a overall bad influence on a teen. If a teen is being pressured to do drugs they should not fall into the pressure, some of the best methods are saying no and walking away or getting an adult immediately after getting away, also they should always be with someone who can help them if necessary. Another way teens fall into addiction is when they feel depressed or moody. Drugs are never the answer they can cause even worse mood swings and greater depression, if a teen sees another teen who is feeling greatly depressed they should try to get the other teen help as soon as possible so they don't fall to drug abuse.


How drugs effect the body and it's health

Drugs have no good turn out when it comes to a teen's health. According to Choices Magazines Drugs can cause many different health problems ranging from mental health issues to depression. Many different types of drugs do a variety of things to a teen's body and mental health and the sad part is most drug doing teens do drugs thinking that they will feel better or get hyped and happy but, the real truth is that they can send teens into a social pit of darkness and depression. Once a teen uses a drug their bodies become more dependent on the drug and if they get cut from the drug the teen will become more and more saddened and pulled away from their families. Drugs cand cause a teen to commit suicide due to the effects drugs have on the brain and mental health, in fact, over 200,000 people die each year with drugs related causes. Hopefully, this rate will decrease after you have read this article, I hope that if any teen has a drug addicted friend they will try their hardest to bring that friend back to reality.