Explore.. Eat.. Discover Nicaragua!

Small things about Nicaragua!

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. Nicaragua's government is a Republic. President José Daniel Ortega Saaveara is the leader! Nicaragua's currency is Nicaraguan Còrdoba! They have a private economic system, with centralized planning and government regulation!!

Major cities!!

Granada is the most popular city in Nicaragua for tourism. The second most popular is Leòn, than San Juan Sur, and lastly Estelì. Nicaragua is in Central America!!

Nicaraguan independence!

Nicaragua gained independence from Spain on September 15, 1821. It's not controlled by any countries right now.


Nicaragua's official language is Spanish! Nicaragua's flag has blue and white stripes, with a triangle in the middle of it with Nicaragua's republic around it!! Nicaragua's population is 5,908,000 people!!
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Tourist guide!!

There are over fifty volcanoes in Nicaragua, and most of them you can hike and explore! Nicaragua has beautiful beaches and gorgeous rain forests!! Definitely look at the luxurious hotels!! ( Mukul Resort )

What to do in Nicaragua?

Obviously, you have to go hiking and exploring in this beautiful, gorgeous, luxurious place!! Hint.. Hint.. Explore Colonial Leòn!! Go eat a fritango or a nacatamal! Sounds delicious!! For a different option go check out the Nica markets!! There's something for everyone here!