"i AM" 'Lydia's Legacy".....

Appearing at the Columbia International Festival!

Saturday April 4th at the Festival

Come meet our business investors already committed to a program that seeks to develop and help students begin to explore and develop a sustainable income while becoming connected globally. Meet Burmese designers all devoted to one purpose, helping the students of the mighty "I am" International Academic Magnet develop into citizens of an ever expanding and connected global market and community!

Lydia's Legacy and CIF

Saturday, April 5th, 11am-2pm

1200 Rosewood Dr

Columbia, SC

Meet Our Investors and Contributors supporting the "I am"

Recognized as a Top 20 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society in 1999 & 2001

Columbia, SC - Come see, taste and experience the world at the 19th Annual Columbia International Festival. The festival features an International Food Court and Bazaar, 60 national/cultural exhibits, an International Fashion Show, a pageantry Parade of Nations and on-stage cultural entertainment from over 25 countries. The Columbia International Festival has become one of the largest indoor cultural/international events in the Southeastern U.S. The festival showcases the cultural, racial and national diversity that exists within South Carolina. No other event brings out the true cosmopolitan aspects of South Carolina like the Columbia International Festival.

The 19th annual festival highlights BRAZIL. The culture of this country and more than 50 other countries from across the globe will be displayed in their national exhibits, sampled in their cuisine at the international food court, and showcased in their cultural performances.