Alexis Hamilton

Fast Facts

Continent: South America

Capital: Brasilia

Population: 204,259,812

Area: 3,287,611

Main Languages: Portuguese

Main Religions: Roman Catholic

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.: 4187.17 miles


What they mainly eat in Brazil is meat, bread, rice, beans, cheese, and eggs. Brazil's main meal of the day is lunch, everyone's favorite food varies by region. In Rio de Janerio the favorite food of many is feijoada created by African slaves. The common drinks you'd find there are lemonade, milk, fruit juice, and soft drinks.

The Arts

The different artistic things they have is Brazil are pottery, music, literature, and folklore. In their folklore mythical creatures are usually told about. A few famous ones are Boiotata a snake covered with flames, and Oboto a pink dolphin. Their pottery is painted with religious domestic scenes, and a few famous writers are Fernando Verissimo and Paul Coellho.


In Brazil if one can afford it health care provides universal coverage. Their private care is excellent in big cites. Some diseases are yellow fever, mabria, and AIDS which are a growing problem.


Carnival is a five day festival and is the most famous holiday in Rio de Janerio. The largest parades are in Rio de Janerio too they also have floats. Easter-observe catholic tradition day is where they avoid eating meat for 40 days of lent. Black Awareness day is in honor of the death of Zumbi African resistance leader from the 17th century.

Things I'd like to do and see in this country

I think I'd like to go to carnival and see the different things Brazil has to offer food wise like empanadas. I'd also like to see the Iguacu Falls and go to the Devils Throat section. The Christ The Redeemer statue is another thing I'd love to see, I feel like it'd bring me closer to god.
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