The Pirate's Log

Week of October 12, 2015

Pennies for Patients

Just a reminder to have your students put all of their donations into their classroom donation box and then bring this box to the office each day. Diane will return the box to you prior to the next day.

PTO Shirts and Cards

At the beginning of the year several of you were interested in purchasing our Furry "kid shirts" in adult sizes. Kari went ahead and made up an order form and I put them in your mailboxes today. If you're interested in placing an order, please put those in the PTO mailbox by Friday, October 16.

Heather Bodle also has a box of her Pirate Cards on Terri's counter. Each bundle is $5.00. If you're interested in purchasing any, please place your money in the envelope.

Dine and Donate at Bob Evans

October 13...all day!

Staff breakfast @ 7:00 if you're able!

You must have a flier...I'll copy some extras and put them in my car. Copies are also going home on the back of next week's Proud Pirate.


So my whole idea behind our chalkboards throughout the building was to make them interactive for our students. Feel free to start a "thought" on one anytime you wish! :)

Phone Calls

When calling your families and you have to leave a message, please make sure you leave your name within the message. We're getting a lot of call backs in the office from parents who say someone at school called them but they don't know who called them...and neither do we. Thanks!

PERKS Points

We'll officially start our PERKS Points on Monday!

I have a red "tub" in my office for the kids to put them in and I'll pull out the "winners" at the end of each week.

Bowling Fundraiser

Like we discussed this morning, instead of doing the traditional door to door fundraiser, our PTO has decided to plan some family fun activities for our families, like our Bob Evans Dine and Donate. Information will be going home with your students soon about our Bowling Fundraiser on November 1 from 11:00-1:00.

We've been asked to help out if we can...

Mrs. Tomasula is looking for 12 volunteers to help sell raffle tickets, take tickets at the door, help serve food, etc. If you're able to volunteer, please let me know and I'll let her know.

I'm also working on putting together a basket to raffle off at the fundraiser


"We're Fall-ing into Learning"

"Fall into a great book"


If you'd like to help with anything, please let me know.

Save the Date(s): Veterans Day

Veteran's Day Week is going to be a pretty big deal in Perkins this it should be! I know some of you are planning way ahead so I wanted to give you a heads up about that week.

All of the details are still being worked out but here's a rough draft...

November 9...School-wide sing-along/performance at OVH @ 10:00 (we'll be back by 11:00)

November 11...A joint assembly w/ Furry and PHS @ PHS 9:30 (this is going to be so cool!)

November 12-13...Special Someone Day

I also know that some of you do a "Wall of Honor" with your classes...could we make this school-wide and post those pictures in our lobby?

I seems like a lot, but it's going to be so worth it for our children!

Jenn's Schedule for the Week:

Monday...Mtg. during CPT/DLT @ 1:00-3:00

Tuesday...Mtg. during CPT/Problem Solving Team Mtg. @ 9:00-11:00

Wednesday...Professional Leave Mtg. @ 8:10/Possible Mtg. @ 9:30

Thursday...Mtg. during CPT/LPDC after school

Friday...Possible Mtg. @ 9:30

*Looking forward to having time this week for more walkthroughs and visiting classrooms! I want to make sure I get a walkthrough complete for everyone before I start evaluating.

Dates to Remember

  • October 2-16...Pennies for Patients
  • October 12...Preschool Compliance Mtg. @ 8:10/DLT @ Meadowlawn 1:00-3:00
  • October 13...Journey's Pilot Mtg. @ 8:10/ACCESS Field Trip 10:15-2:00/PST Mtg. 9:00-11:00/Mrs. Hausmann Meet and Greet 3:30-5:00
  • October 15...LPDC Mtg. @ 3:30 (Briar)
  • October 16...Progress Monitor/AJ Lill will be here during our CPT
  • October 20...Fundations Visit (Schedule emailed on 9/24)
  • October 22...Title I Night @ 6:00
  • October 28...2 Hour Early Release (Dismissal will start @ 1:20.)
  • October 30...Furry's Annual Hat Day/Progress Monitor/End of 1st Quarter/Fire Safety Coloring Contest pages due
  • November 1...Bowling Fundraiser @ Star Lanes 11:00-1:00
  • November 3...Picture Retakes
  • November 9...OVH Performance @ 10:00
  • November 10 and 12...Conference Nights
  • November 10...Meet and Greet w/ Mrs. Hausmann 3:30-5:00
  • November 11...Veterans Day w/ PHS 9:30-10:30ish
  • November 12-13...Someone Special Day (schedule coming)
  • November 16-20...Bookfair all week (Parent volunteers will be able to eat lunch with their child as a thank you for working.)
  • November 19...LPDC @ Briar
  • November 24...Keep your afternoon clear-I'm working on something to do with your children so you can have time in your classrooms before Thanksgiving break
  • November 25-27...Thanksgiving Break!