Truitt Tribune

January 10, 2013

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for your feedback about this new site for sharing our classroom news. The results are in and the feedback was in favor of using this link instead of a pdf document. I am pleased to hear it is easier to open on smart phones and easier to view photos without waiting to download! YAY!

Thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Truitt

Reading & Writing:

This week we began talking about making Inferences during reading. Children must learn

to be detectives and look for clues in the text to understand the meaning of

the story because an author does not always tell everything they want readers to know about the story. There is a more detailed note about this strategy as well as how you can help with this strategy at home, in your child's take home folder today.

In writing we will continue to write information but we will use a persuasive form. We will also be working on a fun new hall display with a writing focus.

Everyday Math:

In unit 4 we have introduced telling time to the quarter hour, using the language quarter before, quarter to, quarter past, and quarter after. This skill is a bit tricky so any practice and conversations you can have about where the minute hand and hour hands are at during these quarter hour times would be great! :)

This week we have introduced three digit numbers and discussed that numbers are a continuing "scroll". to help make this concept more concrete we have begun filling out our own number scrolls that we will tape together and fill out every so often. I would like your help organizing all the rolls of paper for safe storage between work times. Over the next week if you could please send any empty paper towel rolls you have at home we would greatly appreciate it.

We have also been spending more time on practicing addition facts to increase our Fact power. Fact Power is when we know our math facts in a "snap", or quickly. An example of a fact power fact for us all is 1+1=2.

Next week we will finish up and test skills covered in Unit 4.

A Look Ahead:

Monday Jan. 13: Day F- Library and Computer Lab

Tuesday Jan. 14: Day A- Music and PE

Wednesday Jan. 15: LATE START - Day B- Art

Thursday Jan. 16: Day C- Music and PE

Friday Jan. 17: Day D- Guidance

Jensen Night at the Urbandale Varsity basketball game

Monday Jan. 20: NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr Day

Tuesday Jan. 21: Day E- Music and PE

Wednesday Jan 22: Day F- Library

Thursday Jan 23: Day A- Music and PE

Friday Jan 24: Day B- Art

6:00pm Jensen Movie Night featuring Smurfs 2