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by Mrs. O

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PurposeFull Practice: Responsibility, Lesson 2


Dear McKinley Family,

As you likely know, tomorrow we will finish up our second week in which we have been learning about Responsibility. This week we focused on being responsible by resolving conflicts in a peaceful way, and the difference between small problems (problems that students can solve) and a big problems (problems that require the assistance of an adult). In order to do this, we utilized the teachings of a program known as Kelso's Choice: This program puts the power into the hands of students, teaches them to be assertive problem solvers, and builds a common language that is shared and understood throughout the school. What is really wonderful about Kelso's Choice, is that it's been used by our staff for almost 20 years; and it can be used almost anywhere, by almost anyone: In your home, at work, in school; and, by young and old alike.

I have included Kelso's Wheel (a selection of 9 peaceful ways to resolve conflicts); along with 3 videos that explain how to distinguish big from little problems, how to apologize, and how to use the wheel. I hope you find the materials as useful as I have, and you are able to explore and discuss them as a family.

Wishing you every happiness. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Warmly yours,

Mrs. O (Ormachea)

McKinley School Counselor

Overview of Resources:

1. Kelso's Choice Materials: Kelso's Wheel, 3 Kelso Videos, and Informational Parent Letters

in English and Spanish.

2. Definition of Responsibility

3. Read Aloud: What if Everybody Did That?

This book helps children to understand that their behavior and choices do affect other


4. Read Aloud: Sick Simon

This book helps students to understand how they can be responsible when they are sick,

so as to not get others sick and to heal faster. It is definitely applicable now that it is cold

and flu season.

5. Links to Parent Resource Letters (English and Spanish) re Responsibility.

1. Links to Kelso's Choice Videos and Information for Parents

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2. Definition of Responsibility

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3. Read Aloud- What If Everybody Did That?