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A land of mystery

Indian Island

This island getaway will the the best and last vacation you will ever experience. There would be no reason to go anywhere else after you see the wonders we have to offer. "This island is full of mystery and adventure" is what our vacationers think of this amazing island. The clear blue waters and vast amount of tropical plants will make you feel like you're in paradise. The food there is delivered from the mainland. It looks as good as it tastes!

What Indian Island Has To Offer

Reasons Why You Should Consider

- spa

- canoeing

- swimming

- kids playground/arcade

- teen and young adult lounge

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Vera Claythorne

She was one of the island's previous visitors. Upon arrival, all of her bags were taken up to her room. Vera was stunned to see the gorgeous view of the waterfront. "The food was outstanding!" "The service there was amazing and the people there were friendly and willing to assist you." She mentioned that she would tell family and friends that they should insist on coming here.
Danielle Conlon

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