Boxer Brothers Need Perfect Home

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Meet Norman and Gilmour

Due to developing a severe allergy to dogs, I am forced to find my babies a home. I cannot stress enough how picky I will be about the perfect situation for my boys. They are very healthy, energetic boxers from the same litter. They will be turning 5 on June 1st. They have never been apart and I will not consider separating them. They must have PLENTY of room in a yard to run and play. Norman is 64lbs and Gilmour is 57lbs. Because of their age their names cannot be changed. Additionally they have been raised as spoiled, indoor pets. They have not been made to sleep outside ever. Boxers do not have enough fur to stay warm outside in Montana winters. If you are looking for an addition to your family or the perfect outdoor activity mates, you have found them. These boys are the most loving, affectionate animals you will ever meet. I will not consider giving them to any one who would be locking them in an apartment or treating them as outdoor only dogs. They have not been raised that way and would not do well in those situations. I would never consider finding them a new home if it was not completely necessary and require that they are loved the same way they have always been. They do well with other dogs and with kids but NOT WITH CATS.

On a side note: Norman and Gilmour have been trained with positive reinforcement (rewards) rather than punishment. They will NOT respond to being punished as discipline. If you think you'll be using punishment to train the dogs you need not contact me.