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How do you become a u.s. citizen?

You can become a u.s. citizen by the Naturalizatiom process. To qualify,applicints you must be at least 18 years old. Another way you can become a citizen is to take a test. If you want to become a citizen you have to take a oth of allegiance.If you are born in the u.s. you are automatically a citizen. If you arent born in the u.s. but your parents were, you are a u.s. citizen. Americans often say the pleg of alegens. There is a faster way to become a u.s. citizen if you work for the U.S. milllitary for one year can become a u.s. citizen faster.


You are a u.s. citizen

Do you like being a citizen

If you are a u.s. citizen you have freedom. In other states or countrys mite not have freedom.Other states mite not want a couple people. So they would perswade them to leave the country or state. Other states or countrys mite want to take a someone from a state or country too.

Cite retreved on 11/13/15