The One and Only Earth

By: Sofia Swoap

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Why Come?

Earth is the most beautiful planet! You can experience the glory's of seasons. Relax in the winter wonderland, play in the sunny summer, listen to the birds in spring, and dance in the leaves of fall. There is also so much wildlife to explore and discover. Magnificent creatures are waiting to be discovered by you! Along with an assortment of thousands of plants and trees. Play all day and rest all night! It's wonderful. From the breath-taking scenery to the mountainous man-made structures, Earth is the one and only best place to visit!

What to Bring...

To travel to earth you should bring: sunglasses, coats, rain jackets, hats, sunscreen, gloves, swim wear, clothing of all sorts, and essential items.

Earth... just the facts

- Earth is the third planet from the sun and is between Venus and Mars

- In the beginning, Earth was a magma ocean. Then collisions began and the earth started to cool. Then water vapor began to escape and condense in the early atmosphere. Clouds formed and then the rain came. This further cooled the earth and resulted in seas. The earth now is 4.6 billion years ago.

- This planet is the only green and blue planet and is 5.972 times 10 to the 24th power kg.It has one moon and is the densest planet in our solar system.


- Earth has seasons because Earth's axis rotation is tilted about 23.5 degrees.

- Rotation is the spinning of Earth on its axis and is the cause of night and day.

- Revolution is the period of time it takes for the Earth to orbit the sun.

- Our energy comes from the sun through nuclear fusion. This happens when two atoms of hydrogen combine to form a helium atom and a lot of energy is released in the process.

- The objects in our solar system are all spherical because they have sufficient mass for their self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces.

- A light year is the time it takes for light to travel one year. It is 186,000 miles per sec.

- Gravity is the force that is responsible for creating our solar system. It was formed when when a cloud of gas and dust in space was disturbed and exploded.

Different Angles

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