What's Happening in Room 12

Miss Hackbarth's Third Grade Class

May Edition

Science: Plants

In science we are learning about living and non-living things. One group of living things are plants. We learned about the jobs of each part of the plant and then made a model and labeled the parts and their functions. We couldn't believe so many things we eat are considered seeds.
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Facts and Opinion Mysteries

In reading we are working on distinguishing between facts and opinions. To practice our skills we worked as detectives to solve mysteries. After reading the crime report and what the witnesses had to say, we used JUST THE FACTS to solve each mystery!
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Last Day of School!

Monday, June 22nd, 8am-12pm

170 Oneida Avenue

North Plainfield, NJ

I can't believe that the last day of school is here! It's been a great year!


  • As the weather is getting warmer please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for school.
  • We have snack each day around 10:30. We're working on making these HEALTHY snacks. Please help by not sending in cookies, chips, and candy.
  • Your child should be reading 20 minutes each night. Have them talk to you about what they are reading. This helps improve their reading comprehension.
  • We still need to know our multiplication facts! Make sure to practice each night.
  • Students have access to Sumdog, Razkids, and Compass Learning over the summer. Try and make an effort to practice skills each week so we can start the year off on the right foot in September.

Rebus Puzzle of the Day

Each day we try to solve a new Rebus Puzzle. Can you solve this one?
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