By: Dylan Welu

Greek and Roman name

Greek name: Ὑπεριων

Roman name: Hyperion

Hyperion means "the watcher from above" or "he who goes above"

Powers of the god

Greek Titan God of Light

Where Hyperion lives


Hyperion didnt have an object but he was an object in a role to save his kingdom.

Myth associated

Hyperion was one of the four Titan brothers who conspired with Kronos in the castration of their father Ouranos. When Sky descended to lie with Earth, Hyperion, Krios, Koios and Iapetos--posted at the four corners of the world--seized hold of their father and held him fast while Kronos castrated him with a sickle. In this myth these four Titanes personify the great pillars which appear in Near-Eastern cosmogonies holding heaven and earth apart, or else the entire cosmos aloft. As the father of the sun and dawn, Hyperion was no doubt regarded as the Titan of the pillar of the east. His brothers Koios, Krios and Iapetos presided respectively over the north, south and west.


Hyperion had a sister Theia and 3 kids, Helios, Selene, and Eos.