Endangered Mexican Walking Fish

Endangered Mexican Walking Fish The first reason is because their habitats are decreasing. The second reason is that humans are selling them as pets. The Mexican Walking Fish are endangered because, of two different things. First we are going to see why the Mexican Walking Fish are endangered. They are unique in many ways. This is the Mexican Walking Fish. Instead of looking at the Mexican Walking Fish's cuteness lets learn more about them. The name comes from Aztecs. The Mexican Walking Fish is also known as Axolotl. The name comes from Aztecs. The Mexican Walking Fish is also known as Axolotl.
Their habitats are decreasing Also known as the Mexican Walking Fish, this critically endangered salamander is naturally found only in the local waterways near Mexico City. Rapid urbanization and subsequent water pollution have destroyed much of the creature's habitat, and the introduction of non-native species into the salamander's habitat had a detrimental impact on dwindling population.
Humans are selling them as pets An Axolotl, also known as the Mexican Walking Fish, is a hardy and very low maintenance pet. The axolotl is a salamander that remains suspended in the larvae stage and does not undergo metamorphosis like other salamanders, but remains waterbound with gills.Metamorphosis can be induced but is not recommended given the low success rate and it also drastically shortens the axolotls lifespan. Not to mention it's actually seen as quite a cruel process to put a pet through for no real reason.
Axolotls - Cool Aquarium Pet

They use four stubby legs to drag themselves along lake bottoms or their thick tails to swim like mini-alligators, they hunted plentiful aquatic insects, small fish and crustaceans.Legend has it that Xolotl, the dog-headed Aztec god of death, lightning and monstrosities feared he was about to be banished or killed by other gods and changed into an axolotl to flee into the lake