Packers Against The Cardnials

packers out of the playoffs

On January 16, 2015, the NFL team Green Bay Packers made it to the playoffs. They won the first game in the playoffs against the redskins but the second game at arizona playing Cardnials went over time. They lost 20 to 26.
The game went over time. So it was 20 to 26 at the end off the game. cardnials got ball to start over time. The cardnials made a catch about the 30. Then went in to the endzone a couple plays later and the game was over. The packers were out of the playoffs. The receiver Jordy Nelson got hurt in the second game and could not play for the rest of the year which affected the teams overall performance.
The packers would be playing the panthers but loss. Fans cant belive that the packers came back and got over time stared but then a receiver on the cardnals made a touchdown.
Colton thinks packers will do better next year because Jordy Nelson is coming back. He also thinks that they will win the supper bowl next year. Then Joey thinks that they played good in the playoff this year but not good enough and did better in the playoff.