John Adams

American Revolution Hero

Research Introduction

According to Ramana Maharshi, “No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.” Nothing describes John Adams better than this quote. Born in Braintree, Massachusetts on October 30, 1735, John Adams had many occupations, including being a colonial lawyer, a patriot pamphleteer, and a political theorist. From 1771-1775, he excelled in math, astronomy, physics, and debating at Harvard College. He spoke very fondly of his mother (Susanna Boylston) and his father (“Deacon” John Adams), saying that they could fix any problem that came across them. After graduating from Harvard, he became a schoolteacher. Since he did not enjoy this profession, he transformed over into a lawyer. Despite the fact his main profession was being a lawyer, he never turned down an offer to help the Americans fight the war against the British. John Adams was the most significant figure in the American Revolution because of his decision to defend British soldiers after the Boston Massacre, being that he was a key member of the Continental Congress, and because of his successful vice presidency and presidency.

Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Defended British soldiers after the Boston Massacre because he believed that they shot by self-defense.
  • In the end, six soldiers were innocent and the other two were charged with manslaughter
  • In the Continental Congress, he nominated George Washington to be the general of the Continental Army.
  • Drafted the Massachusetts Constitution, which is still the oldest Constitution continuously running
  • He was the first vice-president, serving under George Washington (he hated being vice-president)
  • Created the first official navy and marine corps