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May 14, 2021

Spring Benefit -- Off the Grid

Have you missed our usual MSA fundraisers? Flowers, Fall Fest, BBQ Picnic … Spring Benefit? Here is your chance to help MSA continue to Grow!

Many families would love to give their children a Montessori education but are financially

challenged as the economy rebounds from the pandemic. More students mean more school

friends for your child, more opportunities, greater diversity, and a stronger MSA

community. Will you help?

This year just as last year we were unable to hold our Annual Spring Benefit to fund MSA's

Tuition Assistance Program. This program enables students from families with demonstrated financial need to attend Montessori by providing help with tuition costs. While several major donations enabled MSA to provide tuition assistance for a short time, everyone's help is needed now to continue to build our community for the coming school year. All proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Tuition Assistance Program.

Normally, families are asked to buy or sell a $150 ticket to Spring Benefit as well as donate items and help with classroom baskets. If all families would still give at this $150 level as a minimum, we could easily meet our goal.

How can I help?

Participation from every family will make this a great success! All numbers from 1 to

200 are available so there is a dollar amount that works for everyone. If every student

has 1 donation made in their name, we will be more than halfway to our goal. With 2

donations per student, we will exceed our goal!

  • GIVE Use the following link to access MSA’s online Giving Grid and click on the dollar amount you wish to donate. You will be redirected to the final donation screen with checkout information. All payments are processed via PayPal.
  • If the number you want is already taken, you can customize your donation.
  • Upload a Photo to SHARE with the MSA community your reason for giving – your children, grandchildren, or a memory of MSA from years ago.
  • You may win a Gift Card to your favorite restaurant! Numbers will be randomly drawn for gift card prizes which will be mailed to the winners.
  • POST on Social Media to get your friends and family involved in helping us reach this goal that benefits your child!
  • You may have family members or colleagues who want to give a check or cash - that works too! Bring their donations to the office to secure their chance to win some amazing prizes!

Who does this benefit? Every MSA student! Offering Tuition Assistance funds to families demonstrating need grows the school community in ways that impact everyone: keeping tuition costs lower for all, increasing the extracurricular offerings, giving your child more opportunities every day.

Dates to Remember

May 15 - FAST application deadline

May 19 - Field Day

May 26 - Senior Project, Graduation, Peace and Star Ceremonies, and Piping Up

May 26 - Upper Elementary play

May 27 - Last day of school - 11:30 dismissal for all programs, extended care available

May 28 - Promotion day for all levels (details to come), extended care available

May 31 - All Programs Closed

June 1-2 - All Programs Closed for Outservice

First Grade Harvest

The first graders brought in quite the harvest early this week in Horticulture!
Big picture
Big picture

New Mulch!

There was a lot of excitement across the back of the campus on Tuesday as the grounds keepers spread mulch around each of the playgrounds. Students at every level enjoyed watching the tractors haul the mulch.

Macbeth Practice

The Upper Elementary students have been diligently working on memorizing and practicing lines, creating costumes, and constructing set pieces and props in preparation for their upcoming presentation of Macbeth.
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Students in Mrs. Presgraves' Upper School Biology class made closed terrariums this week. They talked about nutrient cycling and water cycling, and the terrariums mimic those systems. If you balance the closed terrariums properly, you do not need to water them for years because the same water cycles through the system.
Big picture
Big picture

Upper School Art Projects

Upper School Art students have been studying the human body this semester. These galleries hanging in the front hallway show various studies: Art 1 students studied the five components of drawing, including line quality, the perception of edges, and how to use value and negatives space to enhance their composition design, Art 2 students studied the human head from various angles and views, and advanced art students studied individual limbs and gestures before finally painting the entire portrait or the figure as a whole using watercolors, acrylic, or oils.
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Students in Mr. Saunier's Chemistry class used titration to determine the concentration of an unknown solution by slowly mixing in a solution of a known concentration until it completes a reaction process. This time lapse video of the titration process is sped up and has nearly synced with the rotation of the magnetic stirrer at the bottom -- the capsule at the bottom can spin at anywhere from 12 to 6000 rpm and mixes the solution together during the titration process -- causing it to appear to be spinning quite slowly, when in reality it is spinning much faster.
Titration Time Lapse
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