about halloween

this is a scary and fun time of year! spooky, fun, candy filled, day.......... or night. I will tell you about pumpkin , winches,black cats, broomsticks,the day of the dead and more. so some on in. it will be a scram! >:)


pumpkins were here a vary long time. the first was not a pumpkin at all it was a onion!they used to carve them just for light with no faces just holes. than they had a idea to make them look like heads! that's how it all got started. now some people put glitter on them like this own ---------------------------->

witch,black cats,and broomstikes!

back a long time ago people thought witches were real. some innocent girls got killed for being accused to be witches! and they killed black cats for being accused of being a transformed witch like ( black cat = transformed witch ) and ( broomsticks = transformed wand )


many celebrate Halloween in many ways. like some kids trick hoses with no candy. And some kids put out a teal pumpkin to show the is some thing for the kids with allergies.