A Geohazard

What is a Tsunami?

A tsunami is a long and high sea wave caused by an earthquake, submarine landslide, or another disturbance.


Tsunamis endanger the people who live close to the shore. The waves can be taller than twenty feet and it can cause major damage to the landscape and buildings. It also can endanger the lives of people. Many people have died from being caught in tsunamis.


It should concern us because we never can know for sure it is going to happen till moments before. The scary part about tsunamis is that we can't control where it goes or what it does. Tsunamis are extremely dangerous and deadly.

What Regions are Most Vulnerable?

Any region of the world can experience a tsunami but the ones most at risk are in the Pacific Oceans and its surrounding seas. They are more common in these areas because of the large earthquakes that occur around these bodies of water.

How the Destructive Nature is Measured....

There is an instrument that scientists have come up with that can measure the height of the tsunami and alert them when it is about to happen. It's called the TSUNAMETER.Its anchored on the ocean floor and measures the changes in water pressure when a tsunami passes over it.

How to be Prepared:

--> Plan an evacuation route from any places you might be at the time of the tsunami.

--> Practice the route

--> Use a radio to keep informed of warnings and local watchings.

--> Talk to your insurance agent

--> Discuss tsunamis with your family

*There are many more ways to be prepared*