Wallace Weekly

October 3rd-7th


Dear Super Stars,

We are right on target with setting our T-TESS goals! Thanks for the time you spent in planning thoughtful growth goals for yourself professionally and student growth goals that will stretch you and your students. I have no doubt we will accomplish our goals by working together, staying focused with the end in mind, and celebrate small successes along the way!

With that being said, we have reflected on grading policies for Wallace. In doing so, we realized there was definite discrepancy between and within grade levels. Realizing we are 6 weeks into the school year, we need to set some school wide expectations about nine week grades:

40% classwork/ daily work

30% tests

20% participation

10% homework/ notebooking

We realize you may need to communicate this new breakdown to your parents through an email, newsletter if you already communicated it during Meet the Teacher Night, Please do so before the end of the nine week period.

Also, zeros are NOT acceptable on any assignment or homework. If student scores lower than a passing grade, it is an expectation the teacher will pull that student individually during I-Time, after school tutoring, small group and work with them to make corrections. Do not hand them another copy of the work and have them re-do it or hand the graded paper back to them to make corrections independently. If they didn't get it right the first time, they will need some assistance to get it right when correcting it. You may then take an average of the grade to record in the grade book, in place of the failing score. According to the RISD Instructional Operating Guide, at the 3-week progress note period, if a student is scoring 60% or less, you must communicate by phone to the parent about the failing grade and discuss the intervention you have planned for the student to help them be more successful. You will also need to contact your grade level administrator if a student is failing a content area at any of the 3-week periods. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Let's stay "super focused" and let's aim for our target!

Here's to growth for all,



*Congratulations to Jerilyn Auld, Lizzy DeCosta, and Jessica Pittman for completing their personal point sheets! We are proud of you for working on building relationships with students and other staff members!

*Way to go Sofia, Paola, Mariana, and Maria for leading the charge on celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!! With so many of our students holding Hispanic heritage, it is critical for us to learn about the many ways they have enriched the American culture. Thanks for spreading the awareness with our staff and students!

*Thanks to Lauren Bolack for the hours spent on organizing and assembling the Student Relationships binder. Please take time to come put dots by students you can talk specifics about.


  • Initial ISIP testing for the next 7 days!! Please be sure to report to the lab on time and instill a serious mindset in your students so we get a true picture of their reading levels. The data will definitely identify who/what you need to focus on for classroom small group instruction, I-Time, and after school tutoring instruction.
  • Student concern meetings this week with your grade level administrator and counselor. We will plan to meet in your classroom. Please plan to bring the completed Teacher Concern Form April and Meagan sent out a few weeks ago IF you have specific behavior or academic concerns about a particular student.
  • Sunshine dues to Audrey-$25 for professional staff, $15 for paraprofessionals.

Duty Reminders

Week of October 3rd-7th:

Cafeteria-Auld, Price, Caudillo

Gym-Byrd, Balmer

AM Circle Drive- Mirsky

5th & 6th Grade Hall-Krejci, Rivero

Safety Patrol Morning Duty-Adamson

Lounge-Second Grade

On the Horizon

Monday, October 3rd:
  • R-Time (Working with Others)
  • Jeans all week!

Tuesday, October 4th:

  • Debbie, Lauren, & Kendra out all day
  • 3:15-3:45 ALL teachers who have dyslexic students, meet with CRSs re: specifics
  • Jeans all week!

Wednesday, October 5th:

  • Jeans all week!
  • Lauren & Kendra out 8-11:30
  • 12:30-ILT Meeting

Thursday, October 6th:

  • No faculty meeting
  • Wallace Skate Night at White Rock Skate Center @

Friday, October 7th:

  • District wide Day
  • AM: Please report to Wallace at 8:00 for staff development
  • PM: You will have staff development on/off campus-locations will be posted by teacher mailboxes

Happy Birthday to...

October Birthdays:

Mariana Rivero-October 28th