Bunburying 101

The Do's and Do Not's of a Bunburyist


In this pamphlet, you will learn how to become a Bunburyist- someone with multiple lives. If you follow the following steps and methods, you yourself could become a skilled Bunburyist. Whether it's for entertainment, time for relaxation, or to escape your normal everyday life, Bunburying could be for you!

New Appearance

Dressing Different

The first step is simple- dress in different clothes. Wear something the other you would never wear, maybe even pair it up with a fake mustache or hair extensions. Just try to make it so that people in your other life would probably never recognize you.

A New Persona

Along with a new look, you're going to need a new personality too. For example, if you are a serious person in your normal life, try being the most giggly person ever in your other life, and vice versa. Whether it's being more talkative, shy, serious, or funny, make sure it doesn't match your normal life's personality. This will make it even harder for people from your normal life to know it's you. Don't forget to also get a new name! Paired up with a new appearance, your golden!


Excuses, Excuses!

When leaving your normal life, you can't just disappear out of nowhere- you have to have an excuse. And not just any excuse, a practical one. You can't tell your family or significant other you're going to meet your sibling somewhere because they'll know you're lying right off the bat. The significant other would want to meet your sibling, and I'm pretty sure your family is going to know already if you have a brother or not. Your excuse has to let you off the hook for whatever for as long as want to leave. Take the original Bunbury, for example. Algernon had a sick invalid friend- Bunbury- who he has to take care of on occasion. Depending on the illness, Algy could leave for a few days or even a few weeks if he wanted to, and no one would question it. If you can come up with an excuse that works as well as that, you can leave whenever!

Somewhere New!

Alright, once you've got your excuse covered, you're ready to go- but where? The first thing to do is to know the plans of the people you don't want finding out your other life. Your brother visiting Florida? You should probably steer clear. Parents visiting Myrtle Beach? Yeah, you shouldn't go. And don't forget about the friends and family you have abroad. Whether it's a different state or a different country they're in, it's important you don't bump into them.

Multiple Lives

Are You Avoiding Me?

Going on with what was previously said, you need to avoid the people you don't want to find your second life. If you happen to see someone you know wherever you are, avoid being caught and get out of there- fast! Sure, you're avoiding them completely, but the goal is to not get caught.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

A hard thing to do is to manage both your lives without them overlapping. Make sure you don't wear the wrong thing, acquire the wrong persona, or forget who you're supposed to be with. Organization is key, and if you mess this up, you can kiss those sweet memories of your getaway life goodbye.

Some Famous Bunburyists

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Accidents Happen

Although you may try hard not have your normal life find out about your second life, it is still a strong possibility that, one day, your lives may accidentally intersect. With the following, I will list things that could go wrong and how to avoid the problem.

Hey, You Seem... Different

You definitely don't want your lives to intersect, or else you'll get caught immediately! A good thing to do is to create a checklist for your second life. Make it about clothing, personality, and anything else you might have added. It will help you transition into either life. From transitioning from your normal life to your second life, you just have to follow the checklist. From transitioning from your second life to your normal life, you see what you have to change. This should really help you in your endeavors.

I Didn't Know You Were Gonna Be Here!

You might not have noticed, but a friend of yours from your other life walked in and spotted you. Yep, that's a disaster. That's why you should go places that they wouldn't be caught dead in. That way, there is a very high chance you won't cross paths!

Wow, You Sure Are Gone A Lot

"Your friend sure needs a lot of help", "why do you leave for so long for a job that could take only a few days"- these are things you want to avoid hearing. You want to make sure your excuse for leaving is valid, and you don't want to be gone for long periods of time or too often. You don't want people to become suspicious of your actions!

I Hope This Helped!