Honors Media Literacy


Journal #5 - Snow Day

Journal #4 - Googling Myself

Googling myself was kind of weird because it freaks me out that the address where I used to live came up. What also was surprising to me was that was the only serious information that came up about me because the other thing that came up was a project I did last year for language arts. I have been pondering why where I used to live came up but I have no idea how it could have gotten online. I have never posted my address on Facebook or any other social media site and my profiles are really private so there is no reasonable explanation for why my old address was posted online. I think one this could affect my life is if someone was really looking for me then they could find me because if my old address was posted then my current one can’t be that hard to uncover either probably.

Journal #3 - Sochi Search

Search I did for Sochi at home.

Search I did for Sochi at school.

Why are the searches similar?

I think the searches are similar because of sponsored links like the sochi2014.com website about the Olympics and the Wikipedia about Sochi. This is why my search wasn't really that different expect for the news articles because those update every few hours. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that if you google a certain top the search results will not be drastically different from someone else's.

Journal #2 - Text Messaging

Journal #1- Social Media

Media is the thing that constantly keeps us updated on what’s going on in the world. Back in the day to learn things that happened people heard about it through hearsay, speaking to others, or by reading in the newspaper. However, today just about everything from what celebrity got arrested to your friend’s angry rant about failing a test can all be found online in a matter of minutes. Social media has consumed most of our lives because many of us, including myself, cannot go a day without checking twitter, facebook, goodreads, youtube, and etc. The media has dominated so much of what we do today that people can’t even converse in real life anymore and have no real life off of the internet. For instance, my cousin has this huge following on twitter and tweets a million times a day about all the great stuff she is doing and how amazing her life is when she is quietest person ever in real life. It’s like she has created this false perception of herself online and if I didn’t know her real life I would believe that she is living this fabulous life and is so bold and brave. My cousin is in a sense media literate because she knows that in order to gain acceptance in the online community she had to create this crazy persona. All media literacy is having the ability to adapt to a new society and learning how to communicate with others in that society.