Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant

By Emma Burke

Mountain sweet pitcher-plant (Sarracenia rubra ssp. jonesii)
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Where is it found?

The mountain sweet pitcher plant is found mainly in the wetlands of the North-eastern and Eastern regions of the United States. However, it's most commonly been found in North And South Carolina.

Why is it endangered?

The mountain sweet pitcher plant is endangered because:

  • over-collection of the plant by humans
  • trampling by humans and livestock in their wetland habitat
  • degradation of their habitat (wetlands) due to drainage, cultivation and over-grazing, and recreational development

Why is it important?


The mountain sweet pitcher plant is important ecologically because it plays an important role in the food chain. Not only does it act as a producer, but also a carnivore by eating the bugs that fall into it to consume for nutrients.


No economic importance.