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September 2013

From the Principal

Welcome back to Hempstead High School. We are glad to have you back, or, if you are new this year, we welcome you to the Hempstead community for the 2013-2014 school year. As part of our continuing “Green” efforts we will again make Hoofprints available as an online publication to our Hempstead community via the Hempstead High School website. Printed copies of Hoofprints will not be sent to each family; however, copies will be made available in the Hempstead Guidance Office for students or families who wish to have one.

As part of our school culture and climate planning, we once again were able to provide a special retreat to all members of the Mustang Class of 2017. The Class Kickoff, presented by Youth Frontiers, was an interactive day filled with engaging activities designed to encourage students to value positive peer relationships. The focus of this day was on building a positive school community and helping our students realize the importance of respecting themselves, respecting others and standing up for respect. The members of the Class of 2017 did a great job of participating and discussing ways that keep our school a respectful place for all to learn. We also thank the members of our junior and senior classes that acted as small group leaders. These leaders facilitated much of the discussion during the retreat, modeled respect, and helped everyone understand the importance of respect within our school.

This year Mustang teachers will continue their efforts with Authentic Intellectual Work. AIW is a researched-based practice to improve student learning. Teachers will be meeting throughout the year to provide specific feedback to each other regarding the work they are asking students to do and the quality of student work they are seeing in the classroom. Teachers will be working in self-selected teams this year. We also have 16 teachers participating in professional development geared toward 21st century learning skills. Students in these classrooms may be using tablets as they explore their curriculum standards.

Students have received their Mustang planner, which contains our handbook at the beginning pages. The handbook section shares a lot of useful information about procedures and policies. Be sure to review it along with the parent handbook available in the pull down menu on the district website at www.dubuque.k12.ia.us.

PowerSchool will continue to serve as our student management system. We believe this method of communicating student grades will continue to keep parents and students up-to-date on student progress. Teachers have been asked to update their grade books about every two weeks. Many of our teachers use PowerSchool to record scores not used in final grading. This data allows parents and students to see how students are progressing and offer students a chance to seek help before final grading occurs. The Parent Portal functions the same way as it did last year. You can use your parent portal to update your student’s address, phone numbers and emergency contact information. Your student’s demographic information can only be updated from the parent/guardian login. We celebrate the 85% of families that have confirmed and updated important student and family information through eRegistration this fall. Thank you for your cooperation and for providing us the most up-to-date student information.

We are currently administering MAP testing for our 9th and 10th grade students in the areas of reading and mathematics. The month of November will bring Iowa Testing Services testing (previously known as ITED) for 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. The State of Iowa is requiring all schools to test 9th grade students through ITS this year. Encourage your student to do their best because being a Mustang means that you give your best effort. We are very proud of how well our students do on these tests and we are interested in continuing the tradition of quality achievement.

Hempstead was recognized as a 2012 Iowa AP Index Top 15 School. The Index is based on the number of Advanced Placement (AP) exams taken by our students across all grade levels in May 2012 divided by the number of our 2012 graduates. Hempstead has been an Iowa AP Index Top 15 School for the last nine years.

The dates and times of Hempstead activities are posted on the Hempstead website at www.hempstead.dubuque.k12.ia.us. You can access the calendar by selecting the school calendar icon from the home page.

We appreciate the community support that is evident in so many ways at Hempstead High School. If your support includes an interest in serving on the Hempstead Site Council please complete the nomination form at the end of this Hoofprints edition and follow the return instructions. We know by working together we will continue the rich academic, extra-curricular, and sportsmanship traditions at Hempstead High School.

Message from the AP Office

Parents, Thank you for your support!

Registration went well. Freshman Orientation was awesome. Parking, despite limited numbers because of construction, is almost flawless. A special “Thank You” goes out to parents who encouraged their students to join the Green Team and carpool.

Last year we had a series of talks to inform our parents about some teen issues. We intend to continue the series. One topic may be teenage drinking. Please talk with your child about the potential problems that could arise if s/he makes the choice to use alcohol or drugs. One important piece that students understand is that attending school activities while under the influence will result in suspension, charges, and limited opportunities to attend or participate in other Hempstead events.

Again we thank you for your support and we hope you will be able to join us for our next parent informational meeting.

Assistant Principals,

Claudette Bees, Mark Lawler, Karla Schwaegler

Hempstead's Attendance Procedures/ Parents and Students

The Hempstead Attendance Procedures fit within the Dubuque Community School District Attendance Policy 5107. The goal is for all students to attend school and classes consistently and on time to maximize their instructional time and achievement. We strive for solid education, responsibility, consistency, and accountability. We will follow these procedures if students have attendance problems:

  • Teacher will talk with student and contact parents
  • AP will talk with student and contact parents
  • AP will have student sign Attendance Responsibility Plan and implement interventions (e.g. lunch or after school interventions, loss of activities or privileges like attendance / participation at games or dances, Saturday school, loss of parking permit especially if taking someone else off campus)
  • AP will facilitate parent meeting and student will sign Attendance Agreement
  • Student may lose the class / credit

Hempstead's Cafeteria shows Hempstead Spirit!

Mustang Stampede!

Mustang Stampede a Success!

The 25th annual Mustang Stampede Golf Outing was very successful. The changes made to the format last year and the venue change to the Meadows Golf Club in Asbury have worked really well, as the course was full.

Flag event prizes were awarded to the following golfers:

Hole 1 Longest Drive for Women—Abby Potts

Hole 3 Longest Drive—Lori Paulson

Hole 4 Closest Tee Shot—Nick Hanten

Hole 7 Closest Tee Shot—Jeff Potts

Hole 8 Longest Putt Made—Matt Pillard

Hole 11 Closest Tee Shot—Ken Gerken

Hole 13 Closest 2nd Shot—Mark Hoerner

Hole 16 Longest Putt Made—Abby Potts

Hole 17 Closest 2nd Shot—Jared Deutsch

Flight prizes paid out through third place. The following teams placed in the flight competition.

First Flight

1st Place—J. Hoerner, Ehlers, Pillard, Johannsen—53

2nd Place—Imhof, Kluesner, Unmacht, Unmacht—55

3rd Place—Deutsch, Deutsch, Anderson, Anderson—56

Second Flight

1st Place—Oberfoell, Oberfoell, Ludescher, Ludescher—61

2nd Place—Weiland, Felderman, Morris, Morris—61

3rd Place—Casel, Van Paemel, Dolson, Link—62

Third Flight

1st Place—Gross, Burger, Gross, Grubstick—69

2nd Place—Schwendinger, Schwendinger, Fink, Fink—74

3rd Place—Harm, Bauer, Haas, Hass—76

Gallup Student Poll

Beginning October 8, Hempstead will once again participate in the Gallup Student Poll that is conducted throughout Dubuque Community School district. The Gallup Poll is tracking student hope, engagement and wellbeing of public school students in grades 5-12 across the United States. All data collected by the Gallup Student Poll is stored, aggregated, and analyzed by Gallup. No data is tracked by individual student.

At Hempstead, we are striving for high student participation while minimizing lost instructional time. The poll takes about 8 minutes to complete and most Hempstead students will take the poll during their fifth period study time. If a student does not have a fifth period class, he or she may take the poll before school or after their last class of the day in the library computer lab.

What Do You Throw Away?

According to Webster, the definition of “drinking” in a social sense is defined as “to partake of alcoholic beverages”. However, today many young people define “drinking” as “the act of pursuing happiness and self-destruction at the same time” according to Urban Dictionary.com. Many young teenagers might laugh at this definition and possibly have a social situation in mind. But, if drinking is something teenagers and young adults do to be destructive, why do we do it?

Although there cannot be a specific answer for every individual, the most common reason for underage drinking is to “fit in”. In our culture, a lot of value is placed on fitting in and being accepted by peers. Teenagers are beginning to figure out their identities and who they are. In an attempt to fit in or look cool, alcohol is sometimes used as a way of bringing people together and showing off.

Underage drinking costs you more than your parents trust, a spot on the team, and your friends. It will also cost you your individuality. Drinking will not help you fit in and it doesn’t make you any cooler. It may cause your self-destruction and if it does, you can be sure that happiness will not be the result. The two cannot coexist. Would you define happiness as throwing away your GPA, your dreams, your school activities, your friendships, your college opportunities, respect, trust, or your reputation? Me neither!

As a teenager your brain is still developing and drinking alcohol hinders that development. It stunts your brain’s functional ability and increases your risk of becoming an alcoholic. Alcohol is an addictive drug that your body, once it has enough, will constantly ask for.

According to Iowa’s 2011 Drug Control Strategy, alcohol continues to be the most abused substance in Iowa. One of the goals of the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) is to combat underage drinking and reduce alcohol related problems. IDPH is providing funding through the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) to several counties in Iowa, including Dubuque.

Dubuque County is using some of this funding to share the award winning “What Do You Throw Away” campaign aimed at reaching 13-16 year olds. Check out the interactive website at www.whatdoyouthrowaway.org. The goal is to raise awareness around the impact that underage alcohol use can have on your life. It’s your life. Choose to make it a great one!

Want to learn more or get involved? Contact Dawn Cogan, Dubuque County SPF SIG Project Coordinator, at dcogan@helpingservices.org or 563-582-5317.

“Helping Service’s project is funded by Iowa Department of Public Health, through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

Mustang Volleyball on the Track to Success

The 2013 Mustang Volleyball squads are already successful before they have even played their first match. The players are raising money for Images and Information, a local group that works with Tri-state Breast Cancer Survivors in need of financial and emotional support. The card fundraiser netted $1,600.00. This success was followed by a car wash at Westend Car Wash that collected $1,000. Two private donations have the total at almost $3,000.00 before our Pink Game on October 8 against the Senior Rams. T-shirts will be sold for that match, the cheerleaders will do a Mad Money Dash between the second and third sets of the varsity match, and silent auction items will be available. Misty May-Treanor, National and Olympic Champion, has donated a signed volleyball for the silent auction. We are proud of the Mustangs for their start to this important campaign. Help us help others by coming to the game on October 8.

Class of 2014 Senior Portrait Yearbook Deadline

Senior portraits for the 2014 Equine yearbook are due to Ms. Blosch no later than November 19. It is best to send a digital file to the yearbook staff at: sblosch@dbqschools.org Most photography studios will send these for you, if asked. If you are taking your own pictures, please remember to name the file with your first and last name. If you are submitting portrait prints, please submit two copies to the office or room C103. Be sure to write your name on the back of each picture. Do not wait until the last minute to get your photos taken, as photographers do require a few weeks to process and submit your photos.

Photos should be in VERTICAL format. Please make sure the pose you submit is appropriate for the yearbook. Any form of dress that is not considered appropriate by district standards will be considered unacceptable for publication. Some writing, art, or symbols deemed inappropriate by district standards are not acceptable for publication. Please also consider props when selecting a photo for publication. For example, although you may be an avid hunter, a senior photo featuring your rifle will not be published.

Any senior who does not submit a photo by the deadline can expect to see his or her registration picture in the yearbook.

Yearbook Senior Recognition Ads

Parents wishing to congratulate a 2014 graduate with a Senior Ad must purchase space by November 19. Senior Ad space is limited, so reserve your ad space as soon as possible. ½ page ads cost $200.00, ¼ page ads cost $125.00, and 1/8 page ads cost $65.00. More information is available on the Hempstead website, or contact Sarah Blosch by phone at 552-5186 or email: sblosch@dbqschools.org

Yearbook Senior-Freshman Sibling Photo Deadline

Those wishing to submit Senior-freshmen sibling photos to be included in the 2014 Equine yearbook must have them to Ms. Blosch in room C-103 by November 19. Please provide a quality photo and identify the siblings and their ages on the back of the photo. There is a charge of $15.00 to be included in the Senior-Freshmen Sibling section. Please make checks payable to Hempstead Yearbook.

Please do not submit irreplaceable photos! We will do our best to protect your photos, but can not be responsible for damaged or lost photos. Therefore, consider submitting a high-quality copy of the photo. If you would like your photo returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Staff members will do their best to return them, but we can not make any guarantees. Please email Sarah Blosch with any questions at sblosch@dbqschools.org.

Homecoming Week of Events!

Monday-Oct. 14 Roll OUTTA Grave Day(formerly known as Roll OUTTA bed day)

DodgeBall 7PM

Tuesday-Oct. 15 Trick or Treat Day (wear your school appropriate Halloween costume)

Music in the Graveyard 7PM

Wednesday-Oct.16 Class Distinction Day

12th purple, 11th Lime Green, 10th Red, 9th Orange, Staff Black

PowderPuff 7PM Dalzell Field

Thursday-Oct. 17 Evil Twin Day-Happy Joes Lunch in Poolside

Dark Chamber 7PM $8.00

Friday-Oct. 18 Throwback from the Dead Day (Spirit Day)

Homecoming assembly-Parade at 1:15

Football Game-Soph. 5:30 and Varsity &:15

Saturday-Oct. 19 Homecoming Dance 8PM-11PM in gym - Pictures at 6PM in Caf.


Saturday, October 12

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Grand River Center

Dubuque, IA

Free Admission• Free Activities

Family entertainment throughout the day including:

Balloon Artists • Musical Performances

Dance Demonstrations • Make-and-Takes

Large Inflatables • Crafts and Games!

Free Valuable Family Resource Guide

Over 50 booths of


for families with

children for

all ages!

Thank you to our sponsors who make this event possible:


For more information, go to

www.dcearlychild.org or

call Dubuque County Early Childhood



We have combined with the former Kinderpalooza

(a Dubuque Community School District event).

Health services available for children including immunizations, oral health

screenings, lead testing, vision checks and developmental screenings!

For immunizations and lead tests, make appointment through