4th Grade Newsletter

Friday, March 18


We only have 1 week left of March is reading month! If you are participating, please follow the directions below.

1) Read the BFG. You can either go to the library and find this great book, OR the entire book can be found at this link: http://www.freeport.k12.pa.us/cms/lib2/PA01001445/Centricity/Domain/253/The_BFG.pdf

2) Use your RAZ kids program and I-READY every day!

3) Fill out the form below to record your participation. The form will ask for your student’s name, grade, homeroom teacher, your favorite part of the book you read this week, and also how many minutes were spent on RAZ Kids or I-READY.

Link to form: http://goo.gl/forms/9KTyqkVNyX

At the end of the month, if you participate, you will be placed in a drawing for a fantastic prize and we will celebrate the winners in a fun class connect on March 24th or 25th! We can’t wait to see everyone’s thoughts about the BFG and how many minutes you spend on RAZ kids and I-READY

OLS Progress Reminder

*You should be completing 2% - 3% progress in each course per week.

*If you started at MVCA on the first day of school (September 8) you should be near 70% in your courses.

Want to view your student's progress? Under the LC account click on "progress > progress."

*Since we are nearing the end of the school year now is a great time to reflect on your student's progress. Is he/she ahead of schedule? On track? Behind? Please note that students need to master at least 80% of each course by the last day of school, June 13, in order to pass the course.

**If you come across an optional lesson in any course, it is your decision to skip it. However, if you do skip it, that does not count as completing a lesson for the day. You will either need to complete the optional lesson or skip until you reach the next required lesson, and complete that instead.

I-Ready and RAZ Kids Reminder

Time requirements for the programs are as follows:
I-Ready- 90 minutes per subject per week
RAZ Kids- 100 minutes per week (20 minutes per day)

MSTEP Testing

*Mark your calendars! Fourth graders are testing the week of May 9. Most students will be scheduled to test on May 10 and 11.

*You will be receiving an email from donotreply@testingnirvana.com on or before Friday, March 18. It will ask you to confirm the location at which you will be testing. The directions will be within the email that you receive regarding how to confirm. Just a reminder that the email address that will be used will be your primary email listed within your student account.

Class Connect Sessions: March 21 - 25

Small Groups: Monday - Wednesday
Reading: Making inferences

Whole Groups: Thursday - Friday
Science: There will be no whole group science on March 25.

Writing Update

We have just completed our state research project and I was impressed with the 4th grade presentations! I will work on grading these projects, but please know it is a careful process and I have 50 to grade. I will kmail your final grade as soon as I can.

There are 2 required writing units left: unit 4: writing a book review and unit 5: writing poetry. These 2 units will be completed during class connect sessions starting the week of March 21.

There are 2 optional writing units left: unit 8: writing a news article and editorial and unit 9: writing a play. These units will not be completed in class connect sessions, but students may complete them at home with their LC if they choose to do so.

Spring Break!

MVCA's spring break is March 28 - April 1 and school resumes on April 4.

*Please note that we do have school on March 25, and students are still expected to work and log 6.5 hours of attendance this day.

Math Reminder

We have been teaching the math units in order of importance, which may not line up with how they are ordered in the OLS. Here is the order you should be following:

Unit 1: Whole Number Sense
Unit 2: Whole Number Operations
Unit 3: Applications of Operations
Unit 4: Lines, Angles, and Rotation
Unit 11: Geometry
Unit 5: Fraction Sense
Unit 8: Fraction Operations
Unit 9: Decimals and Equality with Fractions
Unit 6: Measurement