News from the HEMS Library

February Edition


Not only are you checking your school email - you're opening and READING them!! Every month you'll get an update on new books, upcoming events, and general library happenings in your inbox. We hope that this keeps you connected to your library and makes you want to stop in more often!


The library has the following titles in Playaway (audio) format. A Playaway is a small MP3 device that, with your own headphones, allows you to listen to a book. Because Playaways cost almost three times more than a regular book, you'll need to sign a contract before checking them out...but, then you can try checking out the print copy AND the Playaway and following along in the book while listening at the same time!!

13 Gifts

Al Capone Does My Homework



Liar and Spy

Missing on Superstition Mountain

Navigating Early

See You At Harry's

The Emerald Atlas

The False Prince

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

The Mighty Miss Malone

The Unwanteds

The Water Castle

What We Found In the Sofa and How It Saved the World

Will In Scarlet

Missouri Award Books

Have you read 4 or more of these books? If so, you're ready to vote in March and PARTY in April. That's right! If you read 4 or more of these award nominees and fill out a quick book talk sheet (which are all available in your HEMS library) you can vote for your favorite and earn an invitation to the Reader's Award party in April where you'll be the first to hear the winning books announcement.

2015-2016 Mark Twain Award Nominees

2015-2016 Truman Award Nominees

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Book Fair!

It's A Groovy Book Fair: Peace, Love, and Books will be in your HEMS library March 7-11. Visit the HEMS page of the library website for more information!!

Brain Break!!

If you've earned FIVE bulldog bucks. Ask Dawn about having a brain break in the library! Come down to read, color a picture, play a game, or just sit and meditate. The library is a great place to take a break!!

Have library questions? Email Mrs. Simpson!!