4th Grade Goes Digital

Joining the Cloud

4th Grade Students Receive Email Accounts

Recently, all students in 4th grade received email accounts through the use of Google. Students and staff are very excited for this opportunity it will provide for them for the remainder of the year. Not only will students be able to email their teachers about questions they have, but they will also be able to email each other; for educational purposes only!

More About Google

Students will be using their Google Drive to work on projects, create presentations, spreadsheets, take assessments, and even surveys. The magic about using Google Drive is that they can share their work with their teachers or if they are working on a group project, students can work on it at home and updates are automatically saved. It will be noted whoever worked on the document. Google works very similar to Microsoft , however formats are not always compatible. Our district is moving into the world of Apple products with our iPads and Macbooks. Google Chrome is proving to be a better browsing system, so we typically use that in our classrooms instead of Safari or Internet Explorer. Some programs we use work better in Google Chrome than in Internet Explorer, so if students are trying to work through some of their projects at home using a different browser than Chrome, they may notice some difficulties.
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“New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” - Sir Peter Blake

Frequently Asked Questions

"My child doesn't have internet access at home. How will they be able to complete their work?"

Your child can come off the busy with the breakfast group and work on their assignments from 8:20 until 8:50. They can also use their recess time to complete their assignments or work on it during intervention time at the end of the day!