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D-B EXCEL in the News!

Kasey Marler from WJHL Channel 11 News, did a segment on D-B EXCEL and the exciting things happening here. You can read the article below and view the video segment here: http://wjhl.com/2017/09/14/whats-working-dbexcel/

What's Working: D-B EXCEL

Johnson City, TN (WJHL) DB Excel doesn’t look like any high school, and students and teachers don’t act like just any other high school.

“Our slogan is we are different on purpose, for a purpose and there are many students who just want a smaller learning environment,” said Principal Shanna Hensley.

Over 220 students in grades 9 to 12 apply and are accepted into the program. “We don’t really operate on a traditional schedule just because we can allow students if they need to spend more time with their math teacher they certainly do that during the day and not feel like they have to rotate through a bell schedule,” said Hensley.

The brand new state of the art building has only been open since January and it’s custom made to maximize student and teacher interaction. “We don’t have set classrooms, we don’t sit in straight rows, we have a very open floor plan in this facility, said teacher Sara Shaffer.

“We’ve got more space so we can work individually and group work and with the instructor which is nice,” said teacher Sam McCord.

In addition to the open space, students also have all the technology they need for this blended learning environment. “We have Mac computers with creative adobe suite where our students learn to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We also have two 3D printers and a 3D scanner,” said Shaffer.

A cutting edge approach in state of the art facility, a perfect combination in this highschool of the future. “Our students are excited. We’ve seen a joy in them coming to school because of the environment that they are in,” said Hensley.

Dobyns-Bennett Homecoming

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Homecoming T-Shirts

D-B Student Council is selling Homecoming shirts. Any D-B EXCEL student that would like to order one needs to do the following:

  • Email Mr. French

  • Give your money to Mrs. Pierce at the front desk by September 20th.

  • Cost is $10.

Attendance Awareness Month 2017

Attendance Awareness Month is a nationwide event recognizing the connection between school attendance and academic achievement. Throughout the month of September we will be learning about the importance of good attendance.
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Curbing the Substance Abuse Crisis Community Panel

KCS and the Tyler’s Light Foundation, in partnership with Eastman, are hosting a community panel and educational event, on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017.

WHAT: Curbing the Substance Abuse Crisis Community Panel

WHEN: Wednesday, September 27 at 7 p.m.

WHERE: Dobyns-Bennett High School – Nancy Pridemore Theatre

Kingsport City Schools and the Tyler’s Light Foundation, in partnership with Eastman, are hosting a Curbing the Substance Abuse Crisis community panel and educational event, on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 at 7 p.m. located at the Dobyns-Bennett High School’s Nancy Pridemore Theatre. This event is open to the public and there is no cost to attend.

An opening presentation will be led by Wayne Campbell of Tyler’s Light Foundation, followed by a panel discussion. Panelists include Barry Staubus, District Attorney, Sullivan County; Cynthia Thomas, DO, MPH, Preventive Medicine and Public Health Physician, Tennessee Department of Health; Alisha Singley, Investigations Coordinator Northeast Region, Department of Children’s Services; Christina Keen, Lead Investigator, Sullivan County Department of Children’s Services; Julie Malone, Principal, Cora Cox Academy; and Hope Bruner, Counselor, Frontier Heath.

The goals of the community panel are to:

  • Raise awareness regarding substance use in the community;
  • Promote dialogue regarding casual adolescent substance abuse in the community;
  • Provide education regarding addiction and the effect it has on families;
  • Offer ways parents can reach out to neighbors, family members and children about prevention and treatment.

Reportedly, 1,451 overdose deaths occurred in the state of Tennessee during 2015. In the past year, 25 percent of infants born in Sullivan County were born having been exposed to some type of illicit drug or opioid. This is seen as a reflection of epidemic substance abuse and addiction within the community potentially impacting all facets of school, work and life.

For more information on Tyler’s Light Foundation visit, tylerslight.org.

Dobyns-Bennett Football

Alcoa vs D-B

September 22 @ 7:30pm

Homecoming Game

Trout in the Classroom

Trout Update:

Some of our trout eggs are starting to hatch! Be sure to check out the trout tank when you are at DBE!

About Trout in the Classroom:

Trout in the Classroom is a conservation-oriented environmental education program for elementary, middle, and high school students. Through the school year, students raise trout from eggs to fry and then release them into approved cold water streams and lakes. This act of raising, monitoring, and caring for young trout fosters a conservation ethic within participating students and promotes an understanding of their shared water resources.

ASVAB Opportunity

  • If you are considering entering the military, you are required to take the ASVAB (military entrance exam).

  • This will be offered at DB main campus on November 9th @ 7:45am in the Little Theater

  • Please let Mrs. Kerkhoff know if you are interested no later than Oct. 1st.

  • This is a valid career assessment and not a commitment to enter the military if you take the assessment
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Tennessee Promise Scholarship

The Class of 2018 TN Promise application opened for completion on August 1, 2017. Students will have until November 1, 2017 at 11:59pm to complete the scholarship application in order to become eligible. The first mandatory meeting will take place on Thursday, October 5th at 9:00 in the cafeteria at the D-B main campus. Application and information is available at www.tnpromise.gov

Picture Retake Days

Any 9th, 10th, and 11th graders who missed picture day will have an opportunity to have a retake. These pictures will go into the Dobyns-Bennett yearbook.

Retake Dates:

9th, 10th, & 11th graders - September 21st at DBE

D-B EXCEL Parent Advisory Committee

The purpose of the D-B EXCEL Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is to bring parents and staff together to accomplish goals that will enhance our school for the benefit of the children’s needs and to build on relationships.

Some goals of the PAC are:

  • Increase parent involvement
  • Increase communication
  • Plan family activities for the year
  • Stay up to date on the operations of DBE
  • Share ideas and suggestions
  • Help organize and facilitate Parent Academies throughout the year
  • Have a parent representative for each class

If you are interested in participating in the PAC this school year, please click the button below to fill out the form. If you have any questions regarding the PAC, please contact Ms. Darnell at ldarnell@k12k.com.

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All students who are enrolled in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, or Geometry are required to have a calculator. The following calculators are acceptable:

  • TI-83 Plus

  • TI-84

  • TI-84 Plus

*Students are required to bring their calculator everyday.

D-B EXCEL Student Norms

  • Students will report to school on time and prepared for the school day.

  • Students will bring fully charged laptops and a laptop charger every day.

  • Students will follow their schedule and report to the appropriate area.

  • Students will respect the DBE faculty, staff, visitors and other students at all times.

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Fragrance Free School

  • We share the air, please keep it healthy and fragrance free!

  • The chemicals used in scented products can make some people sick, especially those with fragrance sensitivities, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory ailments.

  • Please do NOT spray perfume, body spray, etc. in the school building.

DBE Student Drivers

  • We have our own parking lot and the entrance and exit is on Roller St.

  • Students will need to sign up for a parking permit that will need to hang from their rearview mirror at all times (tinyurl.com/DBEparking)

  • Cars that do not have a car tag will be asked to be moved or will be towed.

  • If the DBE parking lot is full, there is an overflow public parking lot across the street from the Food City loading dock (On Roller St.)

  • DBE students/parents can only park in the parking spots marked D-BE/KCS in the DBE parking lot. DBE students/parents cannot park in the Chamber or medical parking lots or they will be towed.

  • Replacement car tags will be $10.

Car Riders & Bus Riders

Car Riders:
  • Students may be dropped of at DBE beginning at 7:15am. Students arriving after 7:45am will be counted tardy.

  • Please follow the traffic pattern.

  • Car riders will be dismissed after the bus leaves (Approximately 2:35pm)
Bus Riders:
  • Bus riders will board their normal bus in the morning and then board the DBE bus at DB.

  • The DBE bus will arrive at DBE about 7:30am.

  • Bus riders will be dismissed at the 2:30pm bell.

  • The bus will take students to the D-B main campus where they will then board their bus to take them home.

D-B EXCEL Parking Map

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Canvas Parent App

Kingsport City Schools has implemented Canvas as our learning management system. Teachers have most, if not all their coursework in Canvas. To view your student's grades in Canvas you will need to download the Canvas Parent App.

Canvas Parent enhances the potential for parents to engage in their children's education. Parents can review upcoming or past assignments, check on grades, and receive course announcements.

Canvas Parent can be used by anyone who creates an account, has been added to Canvas with an observer role, or has signed up as a parent using the web browser.

Parents can access their child's courses in Canvas through the Parent App.

Click here for information on downloading the Parent App for iPhone.

Click here for information on downloading the Parent App for Android.

The Parent App will allow:

  1. ​Access to their child's courses
  2. View past and upcoming assignments.
  3. Check on grades
  4. Receive course announcements and notifications.

Learn more by clicking here!
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