A New Start

A Little About Me...

Just When You Think you know what tomorrow will bring

Thank YOU!

  • Paul
  • Laura
  • Sherri
  • Janice
  • Janet
  • Kevin & His Staff
  • PTO!
  • All of You

New Faces...New Places

New Faces
Aaron Meltzer
Gabrielle Vetter
Laura Sitvarin-Garza: Guidance
Laura Reis: Reading Specialist Support

Mark Capriotti: Band

Pat Keller: Daytime Cleaner

Jennifer Hankinson: School Aide

Darlene Difrank: Penn Valley

Annimarie Dowd: Penn Valley

Leeanne Howell: Makefield

Charlene Kahlenherg: Penn Valley

Danielle Kilmer: Quarry Hill

Christine Harvie:

Allison Hughes:

Byron Conover:

Elizabeth Meier:

New Places

Diane Haley: 6th Gd

Sally Poletick: 7/8

New Names

Beth Cooper: Beth Wold

Kim Thompson: Kim Monachello

Sarah Zudick: Sarah Loonan

Megan Solek: Megan Hough

ET...Phone Home

New Phones...Please see memo from Kevin Dorsey dated Aug 27th
Setting up voicemail for the 1st time? Default Password is 1 2 3 4 #
  • Follow Prompts to set up your message
  • See Sherri's E-mail earlier this month
  • Old Phones: Notify Janice who will then determine collection
  • Voicemails now sent to your e-mail account: audio attachment
  • Code Blue Button: immediate assistance in your room, this will be functional in the very near future...NOW
  • Outside calls will be able to ring into your classroom after dismissal
  • To make an Outside Call...CONTINUE dialing 9: No CODE ANYMORE:
  • Virtual Voice Mail Box
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Chrome Books

  • On Site but currently being formatted

Digital Video Displays in Lobby
  • Looking to utilize these displays for the promotion of events and our students building-wide.
  • Looking for ideas and suggestions for use

Google Certified

  • Staff members trained
  • Increasing use and application of GAFE: google apps for education
  • District will be transitioning over the course of the year
  • Increase Efficiency and communication building-wide

New Acceptable Use Policy: Instituted July 1st

  • Must be signed and completed during September

Continued Growth...As Good as it Gets???

The Power of Yet...

Carol Dweck researches “growth mindset” — the idea that we can grow our brain's capacity to learn and to solve problems.

TWC News Austin: High School Blitz Interview with Apollos Hester


Security Swipe Doors: New ID's to be issued early within the school year.
  • ID's will contain an electronic transmitter that will release the lock on the door.
  • Timed for entry depending upon your role
  • Access between buildings is being determined

Room Security: Check the Following

  • Door Magnets
  • Red-Green-Blue Cards
  • Door Window Covers

Crisis Response Manuals

  • Updated for this school year
  • Review and have accessible in room
  • Distributed this week

School Based Crisis Plans

  • We will be updating our school based plans for evacuations and lock down procedures this school year
  • Chain of Command documents
  • "Go Bags"
  • Utilize technologies available

New Door Numbering based on consistent county based recommendations

  • Beginning with Elementary Level
  • Moving to Secondary of the course of the first semester
  • Buildings will be identified A side through D side Entrances
  • Potential Exists for interior letter and numbering changes

Code Red & Yellow Drills: Continue quarterly practice

Fire Drills: Monthly


  • OCT: 7-20: Math
  • OCT: 21-NOV 4: Reading
  • MAY: 2-13: Math
  • MAY: 16-27: Reading


  • ARR: 11-15: ELA
  • APR: 18-22: Math
  • APR: 25-29: SCI
  • MAY: 2-6: MAKE-UPS


  • MAY: 16-27


  • New test...New results
  • Apples to Oranges
  • PVAAS growth data reliable comparison according to experts
  • State averages Prof/Adv
  1. 6th ELA: 60.8 6th Math: 39.8
  2. 7th ELA: 58.9 7th Math: 33.1
  3. 8th ELA: 58.4 8th Math: 29.9

  • Details to be shared in department meetings & grade level


Plan Ahead...

New Volunteer Clearance Policy & Reminders for December 31st Deadline for Everyone Else

Last Day for Field Trips is June 3, 2016


Please be mindful that the home access center is open this school year to parents. All of the following information will be accessible to parents electronically for READ ONLY PURPOSES:
  • Demographic information
  • Grade Books Open this school year. Will not be open for the first 10-11 days of the school year
  • Report Cards: Electronic form only this school year

Be consistent and timely with inputting grades amongst your team & grade level. Protocol will be shared with parents indicating the turn around time for different types of assessments. We want parents to have reasonable expectations for access.

From personal experience this access to information by parents increases parent involvement with students and actually reduced questions regarding grades. It did force me to become more organized and timely with grading practices.

E-Mail Reminders

E-School link to class e-mails?

Student Information shared

  • Parent - Teacher
  • Teacher - Teacher

Phone call vs. E-Mail


We will continue with our district's implementation of teacher effectiveness
  • Notification regarding your involvement in clinical observations/focused observation rotation will be sent within the first two weeks of school


  • We will utilize PAETEP for all components of teacher effectiveness this year
  • Differentiated Supervision
  • Focused Observations
  • Walk-throughs
  • SLO's
  • 82-1 & 82-3 Forms


  • Growth Options: Portfolio-Action Research-Peer Coaching
  • SLO's: Based upon content areas and require administrative approval. This process will be done electronically through the PAETEP portal this school year.
  • Consider new initiatives and try to integrate Differentiated Supervision Option and SLO design for further effectiveness and efficiency
Key & Peele - TeachingCenter
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