Explorer's Club

Spring Break Holiday 2016

Board Game Day!

Tuesday March 15, 2016 explorer's will be enjoying a day full of games, friends, and fun! Students may bring no more than 2 of their own board games from home to share with the class during center rotations. Board games will be set up in different centers and the kids will have the freedom to explore each game during rotations! Parents, please make sure that the board games that your child brings are labeled so that we can make sure that no pieces get lost and that all games are sent home to their appropriate owner. Children can feel free to wear their pajamas if they would like!

Field Trip & Indoor Camping

On Wednesday March 16, 2016; explorers will journey to a different primrose to enjoy some fun activities with some new teachers! They will depart our school at 9:30 and will arrive back to our Primrose at 12:30 for lunch! When the explorers return, the kids will participate in an indoor camping day with Ms. J!

Lego Day!

This Thursday March 17, 2016, our explorers will enjoy a day full of Lego fun! There will be lots of Lego themed games and centers set up in the afternoon for the explorers to play with! We will also be discussing the history of Lego's and researching some awesome Lego structures around the world.

Explorers Club Party!

This Friday March 18,2016 we will top off the week with an explorers party! We will be having a pizza party on this day to go along with our Tarzan movie! Ms.J, Mrs. Garcia, and Ms.Butler will be providing lots of snacks and sweet treats so our explorers can enjoy the last of their little break with a bang! If you would like to bring in some snacks to share with the class, feel free to do so (please remember that we are a peanut free zone and any snacks must be store bought with a visible ingredients list label)!

A Message From our Teachers