Media Center

Salemburg Elementary

Important Dates

May 17 - All Library Books are due to the Media Center

May 24 - School Level Inventory and Annual Media and Technology Report are due to Belva Lovitt

June 10 - Fixed Asset Report is due to Belva Lovitt

The teacher librarian must maintain an accurate inventory of all items associated with the library media program

Annual Media & Technology Report - Due May 24 (NO EXCEPTIONS)

The Annual Media and Technology Report (AMTR), a legislatively mandated instrument, provides data on school media and technology programs to school, district, and state level stakeholders. The information is based on the school and district level media and technology inventories on July 1 of each year. This report gives both the legislature and the public a yearly snapshot of the state of media and technology programs in North Carolina's schools.

Questions included in this report are based on the requirements in the North Carolina Educational Technology Plan and requests for data from agencies within the NCDPI and state government. Accuracy is essential as this data can affect fund allocations from state and federal agencies.

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Media Center Inventory – Due May 24

An inventory of school property lets me know exactly what we have and what is missing or just misshelved in the collection. Each barcode must be individually scanned.

Fixed Asset Inventory – Due June 10

This inventory reports the status of computers, projectors, cameras, cafeteria equipment, some furniture, and various other items.

Schedule for 4th Nine Weeks

April 1-5 - Spring Break

April 8 - Open Circulation

April 9 - Team D Classes

April 10 - Team A Classes

April 11 - Team B Classes

April 12 - Team C Classes

April 15-19 - Open Circulation

April 22 - Team D Classes

April 23 - Team A Classes

April 24 - Open Circulation

April 25 - Team B Classes

April 26 - Team C Classes

April 29-May 2 - Open Circulation

May 3 - Mandatory Workday

May 6 - Open Circulation

May 7 - Team D Classes

May 8 - Team A Classes

May 9 - Team B Classes

May 10 - Team C Classes

May 13-17 - Open Circulation

May 20 - Team D Classes

May 21 - Team A Classes

May 22 - Open Circulation

May 23 - Team B Classes

May 24 - Team C Classes

Remainder of school year...TBD