12 Days of STELLA!



TEXTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Text Every Tuesday!! Its on my calendar like clock work so it keeps me accountable. I love to include personal images.
My one from today was from a girl on my list who I have been trying to book for months...These were my words

Hi Maria!
I hope you are having a great day! I couldnt wait to reach out to you and tell you about our new line! I would love for you to be one of my debut hostesses. I think you would love the new artisan pieces, they have semi-precious stones and are gorgeous! Could you do Sept 12 or Sept 15? Ill give you a ring tomorrow to see what you think. thanks!

Day 7- POP UP SHOP!!!!

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POP UP SHOP! This weekend schedule a pop up shop at either your local boutique, salon or favorite store.

The key is to engage with the people as they enter the store and let them know you are looking for style lovers who want to shop $$$ of free accessories and half off!! Once they hear that they will want to hear more. Have your books ready and your two dates!!

Day 6- EMAIL

EMAIL!! Make sure the subject line says their name so they know its not spam and I love to use this for my who do you know list...either they are in my customer list or for people I know who regularly check their email.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT...I keep it very easy breasy, I use words to say like I would love to have a mimosa and muffin from 10-12pm or a style makes me happen from 5-7pm. Make sure they know they can just grab a few things and people will be in and out! Also include images I think they would love based on their prior order and ALWAYS OFFER TWO DATES AND THAT I WILL FOLLOW UP WITHIN A DAY OR SO

FYI...Email is my LEAST favorite way to book...you don't get responses back :)

Day 5- Win it Wednesday!

A cute little incentive for your hostess...Win it Wed?? Treat yourself Tues?? I may gift my hostess a pair of studs or maybe a catered show of wine and a sweet treat. But this is such a fun way to add a few shows to my calendar. I create a newsletter on www.smore.com (its free) and then send to my contact list and other potentials and post to fb letting me know if they respond ASAP they can win this fun show with me! Then shhhhhh don't tell anyone, but everyone wins..YAY!! Easy peasy and gals love it!!

Day 4- Green Lighting!!!

Green Lighting... right now look over at the bottom right hand part of your screen. You can see who is on line by a little green dot next to their name. I LOVE to send these girls messages while I know they are on. I use images like the below and include these words...

Hi Amy!
Hope you are doing well!! Love keeping up with you on fb! I also just received my fall samples from S&D and they are gorgeous. Would love to send you a quick video from one of my favorite collections! just take look at this fall image and tell me which one you love the best and Ill fire it away! Thanks!


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Shop for a CUASE!

FUNDRAISERS!! Looking good never felt so good! I LOVE to give back with my S&D business and I try to do one a month. I usually give 10-20% of sales and either raffle off the hostess rewards to increase the amount (giving her the half offs for her facilitating) OR swap the monetary donation for the hostess rewards. Did you see this new image!!! I am SO excited about the boutique this year to help raise money towards breast cancer awareness!

Words to Say!

Hi Mary! I am so excited about the fall! One of my favorite parts is our Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique! I wanted to reach out to you because I know you love to shop for a cause! I would LOVE to gift you a Fundraiser Stella and Dot style session. We can work together to make a difference! I would be happy to donate a portion of my sales to a charity of your choice as well. Super, fun, casual and doing good while looking good! I have Oct ___ and ___ available right now. Thoughts? I'll check back in on Monday!


Day 2- Prospect with a PURPOSE!!!

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Send TEN looks books out!

This is good old fashioned PROSPECTING! Grab your look books (or MINIS!!!) and send some snail mail to some of your best customers or hostesses to be!!!

Include a quick NOTE saying something like this...

HI Kate...I just wanted to pop this book over to you! LOVE our new Fall line and I think you will too. Can't wait to hear what your favorites are!!! I'll touch base with you on Monday to see what you think! Cheers!!! Stef xo

****Key is to follow up on MONDAY!

Don't want to mail..pop a few in your neighbors mailbox!!! GO GO GO! I am on this today for sure!

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RockSTARS Annual CASH INCENTIVE!!!!!!!!!


How the 12 Days of Stella incentive works:

-The 12 Days of Stella is an incentive that runs from September 1 - December 18th.

-Stylists need to book 12 trunk shows between September 1 - 12 (get out your WDYK [Who Do You Know] lists and start dialing. You need to book 12 in-home trunk shows between 9/1 - 9/12)

-Your 12 qualified trunk shows (4 orders with 500 in PQV) must be held by 11:59 PM PDT, December 18th

-Current trunk shows already booked in your Stylist Lounge count towards the incentive!

-Vendor events, pop-up boutiques, and online shows do not count

-Everyone who books 12 qualified* in-home trunk shows will fill out a Survey Monkey with their details and have their name entered in a drawing for (1) of (7) $500 shopping sprees

-The 7 winners will be announced on Monday, September 14th on a special all team call focused on hostess coaching - we'll all have full calendars, so hostess coaching will be key!

Save the date and write down these call in details:
Monday, September 14
5:30 PDT / 7:30 CDT / 8:30 EST
Call in #: 650-281-0004
Access code: 973541#

-If you can't make it, the call will be recorded/posted.
The lucky 7 winners will receive their shopping spree checks as soon as they have held their 12 qualified trunk shows (all trunk shows must be completed and qualified by 12/18).
-We'll also be doing fun daily and weekly incentives with tips and kudos during the 12 Days of Stella to keep things lively, fun, and motivating.
This year we're shaking up the 12 Days of Stella up and adding a sponsoring prize!! :)

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Imagine This....

If you booked 12 trunk shows and each of these shows had 10 guests and you sold $1000, you would:

  • have an average of 3 trunk shows on your calendar for the next 4 months
  • would earn $3600 (12 shows at $1000/each = $300 in commission per trunk show)
  • would be meeting 120 new customers (10 guests at each trunk show) that you could go on to book future trunk shows with or sponsor

How incredible is that?!

So let's do this, shall we?! Print out those trackers and be ready to post the finished product on our team FB page on 9/12! Keep following the 2242 and you'll see these results organically come together - promise!

Every Day I will send this email out with ideas on how to BOOK 12 in 12 days! SO check your inbox!


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Just for the SHINING DIAMONDS!!!!!!


That's right...you may be thinking... "I can NOT do this Stef! No way...12 is too hard!" Well, first of all, break it down, it is 3 shows a month. Like I mentioned above, that is a LOT of commissions in your pocket that you can use for the Holiday season.

ALWAYS plan...look at YOUR calendar NOW and highlight THREE days each month YOU want to work. I bet you'll see how easy this can be!

Of course, I like to always reward you for TRYING though. SO please, let's all PARTICIPATE and TRY! Even 2 shows, 4 shows, 6 shows booked will make your fall amazing!!!


For every TWO new shows booked (NEW!!!!! not existing!) you will be entered to win our very own SHINING DIAMONDS PRIZE!

I'll be gifting FOUR of these SUPER CUTE personalized wine tumblers !!!! Hello...of course we need these to get through those 12 shows we will be booking!!! LOL!

SO...who is IN? If you are IN...POST #BLOWupyourFALL on our FB page with your tracker !!!!

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Thinking of where I would use my $500? HUM......

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