Online Safety

How to stay safe online

How to create a stronge password

Creating a stronge password is easy all you have to do is make sure you have, numbers and letters. The letters should be in uppercase and lowercase. you should defently not use for tour password 'password' as anyone can hake into it. also when you do your password you could start with a capital letter and the lowercase, like 'Cheese12' whould be a good password but should be longer. password should be 7 to 8 characters long or longer.

Anti-virus software

There a lots of differenet anti-virus softwares such as Norton which you can buy in computer stores. There is also Avast which is a very good anti-virus software and most computers and laptops already have it on so you don't have to downloade it. There a other anti-virus softwares some good and some bad. The most important thing is that you have one and it is always upto date and works so you can check it at any time.

Bluetooth safety

To keep safe when you use bluetooth is to make sure taht you turn it off after you have used. Most of all make sure you have a password so when you are bluetoothing you add a password to it to make it work. When you get a request to turn your bluetooth on to get something someone is sending you make sure you now who it is sending you the picture. Don't use your name as your bluetooth name use something only your friends now it is you.