The Vietnam War

Surviving the Vietnam War


Guns during the 1950's look quite a bit different than now for example the M203(look below) was used by the American to fight Vietnam. But today they use guns that have extra range scopes,extra range bullets bullets that can fly strater,and more powerful.(look below)

Some people think that guns used during the Vietnam war are no good, but I disagree because they think that they are out dated, and not useful because they are not as powerful. Also people like them because they are teconally antiques. But to me I think it is different to own something from the past, that may relate to one of my ancestors.



The M203 is a older of a gun. It is a fully automatic gun. Also the newer gun it also a fully automatic too. They both have scopes but the Newer gun has a nice red dot scope. The M203 has a small hard to shoot scope, but that is a scope!


The M203 has a grenade launcher, but no stand for a better shot well the newer gun does. The M203 has a short barrel which is not good for accuracy. The newer gun does have a long barrel. The stock of the M203 is in one piece but that is not good for shooting because it will have a bigger reload, where with the newer gun the stock is one piece