Kepler 22b Project

AKA The Pepe Planet

Things to Know about my planet

1. The Diameter is 305,808 it is also 2.4 times better than earths

2. The average distance from the sun is 128 million km

3. The average temperature is unknown but (22c) and (72f)

More Cool Facts

1. Length of a day is unknown

2. Length of a year is 290

3. It has no moons and no rings

4. If I went there I would be 615

Some Cool Pictures


1. The value of g on my planet would be 2.54112733E + 19

2. I would weigh 2,822.4

3. The distance from Kepler to earth is 620 light years

4. If I traveled at o.1C I would get there 6,000 years and I don't know who old

Intresting Facts

1. Kepler22b was discovered in February and confirmed in December of 2011

2. It was named Kepler22b because of the satellite or telescope that found it

3.The environment could be just like earth and also could be a second earth

Problems and Solutions

1.Kepler22b is 600 light years away, but we can build a rocket to get there

2. We cant be sure about the gravity, we were space suits till we can confirm it is safe

3. There are no moons, so we have to come up with something else

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