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May 4th, 2018

Teaching until the end

Sometimes our excitement about the end of the year is not shared by our littlest learners. They appreciate and thrive on our routine and consistent environment here at school. I ask that you keep your classroom in tact and ready for learning until the end. You can of course send home student work that is displayed. Be careful with those countdowns, they don't need to start very early, sometimes it is a stress. We had a little guy tell us this week as he came in the door, today is the last day of school. They just don't have the skills to understand time, so help them process this change with thoughtfulness.
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School Board Report is May 17th

We are finalizing our school board report for this year. Please know that there will be a presentation portion that will focus on Board Priority One: Increase the learning and achievement of every child through the development of a comprehensive academic framework informed by the needs of our students, the district's strategic plan and the 2016 Academic Systems Review. There is also a written portion. I will share these with you for your viewing pleasure when they are ready.

Diagnostic Team

We will welcome Jill Jones to the diagnostic team as the SLP for the 2018-19 school year. Please know that the SLP group will officially be down 1.5 SLP's as we start the school year next year. We will be working to secure retired or contract SLP's to fill in some of the duties. Please be patient as we work through a system to determine work loads and classrooms team assignments.


We now have two openings for Paraprofessionals. We want to congratulate Brianna Eubank on full time college student status for next year!! She is going back to school to get her Elementary certification, congrats!! A big congrats to Anais Garcia, who is headed back to family to live, that is exciting for her family, congrats!!

We are interviewing candidates next week for these positions.


Please list conferences on the Conference Schedule. Please have Conference Summary information on the document by 5/1/18.

Tornado Drill

  • Announcement will be made “Cyclone Drill” and staff / students will proceed to their assigned area for shelter.

  • Roll call will be made over the walkie. If you are a classroom teacher, please respond green or red. If red announce who is missing. Other staff will respond with “green”. (If you are not issued a walkie, use walkie from another staff.)

  • Staff Absence: If you secure a Para sub through the District, please include the sub’s name in your email to the office.

  • Mail procedure instructions and mail supplies are in the File Room. Please remember to place KC Presort slip on mail and secure with a rubber band.

  • Please notify the office if a Title student is now eligible to receive Special Education services. Please place the Title cumulative file in the brown file.

  • Regarding time off requests, classified staff will still need to request the entire time off. If they request 4 hours and they return after 4 hours plus some, they will need to modify this time off request or work the extra time before the end of the week.


May Fire Drill

Upcoming Events:

5/1 Firefighter Visit - WVE

5/2 Firefighter Visit - ECC

5/3 Firefighter Visit - TRE

5/4 Paradise Park

5/4 10:00 Staff Meeting - Para

5/11 8:00 Staff Meeting - Certified

5/16 4:00 ESY Staff Meeting

5/18 8:00 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

5/21 End of Year Celebration

5/22 4:30-6:00 Preschool Round Up

5/24 Last Day for ECC Students

5/25 Last Day for District

6/4-6/28 ESY

Our schedule

Monday - here

Tuesday - here, paraprofessional interviews all day

Wednesday - here

Thursday - Jeanie downtown for HS Mtg, Kerry SLC for Elementary Principal Mtg.

Friday - here