The Eightfold Path

By: Destiny Dodd

Asking yourself, "What is Nirvana?"

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Buddhist? Picture yourself as a Buddhist and you're a good person, and people are talking about going to Nirvana in the afterlife. Your just sitting there asking yourself what is Nirvana, well now you don't have to ask yourself because I will tell you what Nirvana is all about.

What is Nirvana, and why did people want to go to Nirvana?

To began with, the Eightfold Path is something that good people follow to go to Nirvana.

What is Nirvana you ask? Well Nirvana is the state of perfect piece. The religion Buddhism has a place in Nirvana for the afterlife. If you think of it Nirvana kind of sounds like Heaven.

The rules of the Eightfold Path/Noble Eightfold Path

For instance, the people who followed the Eightfold Path had to follow all eight rules. The following were: Right Thought, Right Intent, Right Actions, Right Livehood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness,Right concentration, and Right Speech. When you make a mistake the Eightfold Path is over. I was just kidding, they believed reincarnation so you have more then one chance to make it to Nirvana.

Examples of following and not following Eightfold Path

Characteristics of the Eightfold Path would contain what each rule meant. Like the rules Right Action, if you see someone going to get hit and you didn't tell them to watch out. That was an example of not having right actions. An example of having Right Actions would be, you standing up for your friend that is getting bullied. That is an perfect idea of having Right Actions.

The Three Jewels

The Three Jewels has one Red jewel, one Yellow jewel, one Blue jewel. The Yellow jewel is the highest jewel because it's like Buddha's robe. The Blue jewel represent vast, ocean-like freedom of Dharma( Red stands for Sangha, a community of Buddhist.
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If you want to become a

Buddhist keep these in mind. It's difficult, because when you make a mistake the path is over but keep in mind they believed in reincarnation.


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