Actividad: 'La llamada telefónica'

If you are the person doing the call, you will hear at the other end...

  • ¿Bueno?
  • ¿Aló?
  • Hola
  • ¿sí?

The first Spanish phrase to say is...

"Buenos dias, habla __________. "

  • Say your name in the blank.
  • It is good Spanish phone etiquette, to use the appropriate greeting depending on the time of day. So it's fine to start with "Buenos dias", "Buenas tardes" or "Buenas noches" (for good evening) accordingly. This makes for a friendly greeting and a pleasant polite beginning in Spanish.

To Ask if Someone is there...

Asking "Who is calling?"

Now the person on the other side may ask: (if you haven't given your name)

  • "¿De parte de quién?"
  • "¿Quién habla?"

  • "¿Quién es?"

Saying good-bye

Here are phrases you can use or may hear on the other end.

  • "Gracias, muy amable, adiós."
  • "Gracias, chao.".
  • "Gracias, nos vemos"

Ciao, is the Italian word for "bye" it is pronounced: "Chow", and is commonly written as "chau" in Latin American countries for good bye. The English "bye" is very commonly understood too.