My world

Khazhin Denis, 9B, 2013


In my world, there will always be happiness, peace and tranquility. Families will big and anyone will complain. Also all wars end and people will live in peace

People will always be kind and help each other


Houses in my world will not be high and are close to each other. The streets are not wide and narrow.


Everywhere will grow flowers and singing birds. In my world will always be the sun shines and the world will be in bright colors: yellow, green, white, blue.

Grass and flowers

There will be no robots, no cars, so the air is clean and the whiff of the scent of flowers everywhere. Factories and plants is no more. The whole world will be planted with grass and everywhere will grow flowers and plants.


Cities will not, shall instead of the village, where there will be a lot of animals

Rules of my world