Mental Health for Administrators

Supporting Minds & Leading Mentally Healthy Schools

What is it?

Developed by the Ministry of Education. Supporting Minds “provides educators with the information they need to support students with mental health and addiction problems through early recognition and effective classroom strategies”.

Supporting Minds provides an overview of child and youth mental health problems and the role of educators in supporting students’ mental health and well-being.

It also provides eight chapters on recognizing and responding to mental health problems among students.

Each chapter starts with an overview of the mental health problem, common signs and symptoms, and what educators can do in their classrooms. There is a section in each chapter on how to promote a mentally health classroom and how to support students with emotional and behavioural concerns. There is also a chart that provides specific classroom strategies to support students’ mental health related symptoms. (ASCD Jan.2014)

Practical and Easy to Use

Part One: Introduction

  • The Role of Supporting Minds
  • Understanding Child and Youth Mental Health and Addiction Problems
  • The Role of Educators in Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Well-being

Preview - Part One

“Observing Signs and Symptoms of Problems”, “Supporting Students Who are Receiving Treatment”, “Educational Implications for Students”, “Reducing Stigma”, “Knowing Your Students” “Talking About Mental Health with Parents and Students”

Part Two

Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Problems among Students

Consistent and practical format for each mental health concern:

  • What Are Attention and Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Problems?
  • What Do Attention and Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Problems Look Like?
  • What Can Educators Do?
  • Background Information
  • References

For each of the mental health problems, information is provided in a systematic manner and includes specific strategies for educators

School Mental Health ASSIST is a “provincial team that offers resources and support to boards as they work to systematically enhance student mental health and well-being at school. The team works with provincial stakeholder groups to produce tools and materials, and also offers ongoing coaching support through Mental Health Leaders and Supervisory Officers in each board”. To complement Supporting Minds, School Mental Health ASSIST has developed a resource for school administrators to develop mentally health schools, support staff and students. This resource includes information on: student mental health and well–being, the provincial mental health and addiction strategy, strategies on supporting mental health in schools, and tackling tough issues. The last section provides resources and tools to help schools map their current state of capacity and develop an action plan. Throughout the resource there are live links to many valuable resources for schools related to mental well-being, mental health concerns and addictions. (ASCD Jan.2014)