By: James Tucker

All About Mars

I think mars is a really interesting planet because... IT HAS SO MUCH HISTORY!!!

Mars has a really interesting color, it's like a reddish orangish color. Guess what, it is 227,936,640 kilometer around. If you look at mars you would realize it is filled craters. Mars is so cool looking it. It almost looks like a desert. Did you know that Mars is the fourth rockiest planet near the sun.


The temperature on the the surface of Mars changes throughout the year, partly because it has seasons. Mars has an oval orbit , which means that it's distance

from the sun changes. Mars has the two tiny moons. Their names are Phobos and Deimos. There are several volcanoes on Mars too.

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Fun Facts!!

The Mars surface is much smaller then the Earths surface. It is crazy how much carbon dioxide is on Mars. It's interesting to note that no one knows who discovered Mars. The Greek people believed Mars was the God of War.