Marketing Newsletter

Second's the best: Jan28-Feb2


Laaadies and Gentlemen...! Wowee do we have some cool updates.

  • Thank you! -- to those of you that booked and had 1-1 with me, I'm so happy you did! I'm excited to meet with you guys again soon. If you haven't, send me a text and I'll be happy to meet with you. Also thank you guys for being cool. You're all officially cool.
  • Recruitment is almost over! Tomorrow, Friday, we are having our "assessment center" which many of you will remember as that group interview thing. We'll see what the results are but hopefully we'll have some exciting people!
  • OGX promotion has begun. We have come up with some cool ideas in the action steps and we'll be talking more about it at FTM. (preview: meeting with embassies, class shouts, developing partnerships with businesses and departments around the area)
  • MC connections! I am hoping that we can have a video chat with Miranda and maybe others from the MC if you haven't met them yet.
  • RoKS! Register here: (if you need some more funds, please apply here: and hopefully GW can help you out) If for some reason you cannot go, let me know

Action Steps!

Things are HAPPENING!

This is super important––February is about to be GO time. I want you guys to bring the awesome enthusiasm I see in y'all to all we have to do this month!

  • Contact your classes: Reach out to your professor and ask if you can have a quick word about AIESEC! Make sure to promote OGX as a whole and make it brief! After you speak (or if you're not allowed to speak, but are given access to the blackboard list-serv), send it out to them using the template Dan sent to you!
  • VERY IMPORTANT fill out this form after you've contacted your professors
  • FTM: we will be talking about ideas we have to spread OGX far and wide, so come prepared with at least 3 ideas and 3 concrete ways to implement them (total of 9 things)
  • The Tracker is super important and also incredibly useful! It's like a one stop shop for all your AIESEC ideas, and tasks. Please update the information on the side, and take a look at it! Not only is it a huge help, but when the MC does audits, I need a way to tell them what we're up to.
  • Dorm-Storming is happening tomorrow and Saturday. Getting some handouts printed tomorrow. iz gon be good. Fill this out please!


Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 6pm

SMPA 305

New location for all our FTMs! If we don't like it, we can move. But, it's not marvin and it's close to the office and there's good space! We'll check it out on tuesday at 6